Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


Lol I was thinking about that today but yeah draw is best.


Yep I with you on this, keep us above spurs and keep our 14 game wining streak record.


Sad as this may sound I hope the spuds get something out of this game other than an ass whupping.


I hope Tottenham win.

Come on you Spurs and all that.


I didn’t know we held the record until a couple weeks ago when Chelsea started to threaten it, so I can’t really bring myself to care all that much.

Records are nice and all and I’d like to stay as close to the leaders as possible, so a draw would be best imo. But if one team has to win I’d prefer it to be Chelsea.


Looking at the table is fucking painful. All those missed chances is infuriating.


Really ? I think we could very easily have less points. WBA ( late winner) Bournemouth ( Late equaliser) Southampton ( late winner ) Man United ( Late equaliser ) Burnley ( Late winner )


I guess it was all about luck. It is always about luck with us, isn’t it? :wink:


You make your won luck to a certain degree so fair play to us for winning games late. I just don’t really know how Treble can think we should maybe be closer to the top based on our performances.


Well, we bottled two leads against Everton and City where we looked in complete control before collapsing.


Thats all part of football my friend.

Rough with the smooth.


Too often happens with us :wink:


It happened four times. Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, City. That is not normal.


Losing a lead is normal and i might add, even expected.

Thats why football doesnt stop as soon as one team scores first. It doesnt signify the end of the game, not even remotely.


Or we should keep control in at least some of those matches and not bend over.


Every club loses leads. Every club.


We don’t just lose leads, we drop points. It a big reason why we are fallen off in the standings again. But keep justifing it like it’s nothing.


Im not justifying it. Just highlighting that if you removed your head from your ass you would see its something every club has to deal with. :smile:


Also something you do. After you’ve justified another failing, claiming that you haven’t. If there is anybody on this forum who has his or her head stuck up their ass it’s you, Oliver.


Of course.

Arsenal are the only team to lose.
Arsenal are the only team to concede.
Arsenal are the only team to play poorly.

Facts bro.