Who will be the next manager?


I don’t know. That’s the sense I get when reading comments here and other forums/social media. Proven often equals having won trophies.

To be fair to Allegri there is probably good reason why, a well-run club like Juventus, signed him.


Why would you take away his best body of work and then ask if he’s still proven?


What has Guardiola ever done out of Barcelona and Munich? Right, he didn’t win shit! Unproven!:grinning:


There are people who genuinely say this stuff though.


I’m just trying to establish when exactly Allegri became a ‘proven top level’ manager and if he wasn’t before, how much of his 2 and a half seasons at Juve contributes to that.

How to you measure ‘proven’ in managers?


I know your joking but on a serious note your not wrong :grin:


Allegri could be said to have had Conte’s blueprint to build on but you get to a CL final and you’re pretty much certified IMO.

All this proven talk isn’t the only factor anyhow looking at how he can set up a team and get us organised he’d be a good fit, perhaps there are better options but he’d most likely be better than this perpetual shower of shit and that’s enough.


He won a league with Milan.


Don’t know how reliable the Telegraph is these days, but according to them Sampaoli is the ‘leading contender’ for the Barcelona job.


Ibra won us that league. Although Allegri did get rid of a selfish lazy Pirlo so that’s enough credentials for me.


Matt Law is definitely not reliable. His articles are largely reactionary guesswork, he just trying to get as many clicks as he can in light of the negative Barca result.


Not sure if you’ve already have but can you shed some light on Allegri’s time at Milan?


Well first season he came and instilled some tactics back into the team after Leonardos 4-2-fantasia formation (four forwards doing whatever they wanted)

Defensively he did improve us as a team but honestly that first scudetto was Ibra, then Thiago silvas. Third I’d say Seedorf and fourth van Bommel.

Second season our squad was still good enough to win the league and honestly, Allegri got it all wrong in several games. A few stick out like fiorentina and juventus. His third season was never going to go great because we had then lost Seedorf,nesta, gattuso, pippo, zambrotta, van Bommel and also sold Ibra and Thiago silva, so the fact he still got us into the champions is actually quite impressive.

I haven’t watched much of Juve for obvious reasons because imagine watching man Utd win the league again and again and again you’d just ignore it and try avoid it wouldn’t you, so I can’t comment on what he’s done for them too much.


Ibra and Nocerino. The latter was fantastic in the 2010/11 season.


Nocerino didn’t join us til 11/12… though he did score 12 goals from Ibras assists including a fucking hat trick somehow.


I have a dream as next manager: Mikel El Capitán.



Please, someone saves us :mustafi:


I have that dream too, but it’s far too early. But yeah, would love to have him be the manager in 5-6 years.


This is going to be an interesting summer. There are several prominising managers out there. Wenger doesn’t have to stay if the first target of Gazidis is not attainable.


I honestly have no idea who our new manager should be. Doesn’t feel like there’s a perfect (available) candidate out there. No idea if they will do any better than Arsene. All I know is that we do need something new!