Who will be the next manager?


First let me say that this is an awful idea.

Second, given what we know about the makeup of the board and how a lot of them appear to be pretty conservative you could see this idea getting floated. Rafa was at Real Madrid before he was dumped and replaced with a club legend like Zidane. This may be some half-cocked attempt to replicate that.


I don’t know if Mirror love to have journalists like Neil Moxley. The professionalism, especially in the journalism, is dead when you write click-bait news totally invented.


They’ve always been known for it… Harry Harris was a complete cunt back in the day…Had the pleasure of putting him straight about a few things on the tube home after a game one night… Unwritten code among Arsenal fans…never talk to the press…


It’s not just a bad spell. It’s pretty much his career trajectory since 2009. Plus his Liverpool-tenure wasn’t that convincing either. It’s not a coincedence that he fell to the level of a relegation-side last season.

Bigger clubs like Newcastle and West Ham got back without much of a hassle when relegated.


To be fair to Rafa, while he might not be one for title races, he sure knows how to win European competitions, something Arsene’s never managed to do over the past 20 years.(Not suggesting I want him btw :smiley: )

He’s hugely loved at Newcastle which is why he opted to stay there, and why not really. if he can get them back up straight away, they have the foundations to get Newcastle back to top 10 level. Their main sticking problem is of course Mike Ashley.


He gave us that title, absolutely ruined inter it was great to watch. That was one of my favourite football seasons ever, even with the champions in 03 and 07 and scudetto in 03/04. Signing ibra and Robinho and just absolutely going for it.


Before his Chelsea run this season i would have agreed Allegri was better than Conte.

At Juventus, his teams have looked more formidable than Conte’s did, especially in Europe.

But I don’t know how much that was to do with Conte’s earlier work building Juve back up.


I think somebody put the name of Leonardo Jardim forward on the old forum. He seems to be doing a pretty good job at monaco. Winning, young players are getting opportunities etc. Stylistically you might not think of him has the most logical option, but I think that’s bollocks anyway.


Max Allegri said to be happy and will remain in charge at Turin for the rest of the season and the next season.


Thats not the sort of news I wanted to hear when I get back home from work on a Monday evening.


It means nothing. Even Wenger said he isn’t tired and doesn’t want to retire.


Benitez? Jeez it just gets better lol


Watching some Mbappe/Monaco clips. I’ve watched them only for 90 minutes against us and in those games they were very ‘pragmatic’. What caught my eye in other clips is that Monaco seems to possess that ability to go from defense to offense with 4-5 touches and be ruthless like that. Something Wenger’s Arsenal of old also did very well. I have to say I’m leaning more and more towards Jardim as potential successor.


It’s a big jump from Monaco to Arsenal.

At least Wenger stopped off in Japan before he came here from Monaco :wenger:


Why? It’s seems like a more logical step if anything.


I wasn’t really disagreeing with you, but just saying it was a coincidence that Wenger did almost the same, and he did ok.

Saying that, I would personally like to see an established manager, already in a top league, who is used to working with top quality players.
Simeone or Allegri would be good if we are going for a foreign manager or if we are going for a PL manager maybe Koeman, although Pochettino would be my first choice, but I can’t see that coming off.

It’s seems a bit of a risk to give someone like Jardim or Tuchel the job because of their lack of experience at the top level.
They might play an attractive style of football but I’m not sure they are ready for there PL.


Ligue 1 or Bundesliga aren’t exactly toddler competitions.

The only big(ger) club (Valencia) Koeman worked for he failed at. Or do you consider a Premier League manager to work at top level, because it’s the Premier League? The most overrated football League in the world?


I don’t think it’s the strongest, but it has got more strength in depth.
I think if a manager like Koeman, who has done a decent job with two PL clubs, would be a good choice, if we are going for a PL manager.

Ligue 1 isn’t a strong league, and we have had several players from there who looked great at that level but when they came to the PL, found the step up too much.

I would agree that the Bundesliga is a strong league, but Tuchel hasn’t done enough for me. compared to Allegri or Simeone, to get the job here.


Us buying some garbage players doesn’t say anything about the strength of the Ligue 1. There have been several players who became good to great from that competition in the Premier League; Evra, Essien, Drogba, Koscielny, Sagna, Kante, etc.
Not too mention the quality of French footballers in general and the level of their national teams.

You could argue it’s Premier League that is probably the most top heavy league from any League in Europe. Apart from the top 6 there is nothing.

Allegri is probably the only proven manager that is attainable from a rather small list. Because I get the feeling people want ‘top level’ managers who have won stuff recently when they talk about top level; Ancelotti, Conte, Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho, Simeone, Allegri. I’d be very suprised if Arsenal manages to convince one of those guys to join.


How do you measure ‘proven’ in managers? If you take away Allegri’s time at Juve is he still proven?