Who will be the next manager?



I heard something about Tuchel last night. Apparently he does innovative training methods. One of them being he cuts off the corners of the pitch forcing the full backs to come inside instead of boming down the line. Some sort of ‘diagonal play’ system.


Thought you was going to say none of his players get muscle injuries…


That’s you told @cristo :wink: lol


Will be a great change from some of the sideways stuff we’ve been playing the last 5 years :coq::arteta::santi2::mustafi:


Suppose it is, at least with Diagonals you are somewhat moving up the pitch.


One for @sevchenko


Would be an absolute piss take.

Was poor at Inter and Napoli, bottled every title race with Liverpool and couldn’t manage the Madrid players properly and was rightly hounded out.


Agreed with what your saying overall, only thing I wouldn’t say is he bottled the 08/09 title race. Yeah they fell short but they only lost 2 league games and that was a top class United side.


:mustafi: Is this a joke?


I can just imagine that banter from rival fans if we got rid of a manager that last won the league in 2004 and replaced him with a manager who last won a league title in 2004 :sweat_smile:

Though I suppose Rafa might win one this season!


We are supposed to be one of Europe’s top clubs and one of the richest.
Why would we go for a manager who is managing a club in the Championship, playing against the giants of Burton, Rotherham and Reading?
If Benitez isn’t wanted by any other club higher than Newcastle, why would we be interested?

If that’s our level of ambition, we might as well keep Wenger.


Im with you, but what makes you say he isnt wanted by other clubs?

Bit of a weird statement.


If he is wanted by other top clubs then what’s he doing managing a club in the Championship?
Maybe that’s his level of ambition.


He is contracted there and wants to get them back to the premier league.

I think its a strong display of loyalty and ambition tbh.


He had a relegation release clause in his contract which was widely reported. I’m making a small jump here but I have to imagine one of the reasons he stuck around was because no other (better) clubs came calling.


Rafa is treated like a God in Newcastle - so I guess staying there and bringing them back to the PL felt like the right thing to do.

He’s obviously not a Championship level manager and I find it hard to believe that no one else would have wanted him. Just looking at the Premier League, he’s better than what several teams already have. He would have got another top flight job, I’m sure of it.

Though hopefully not at Arsenal. No thanks :grin:


With Newcastle’s resources and the fact they have the biggest support and best players in the Championship by some way, that Benitez is not exactly having to stretch himself to get back to the PL.

So I’m assuming he is on massive wages to do a relatively easy job, so his loyalty and ambition are only there because no bigger club came in for him.

Unless he was a big Newcastle fan when he was a boy, when they were also a second tier club, and he had pictures of their players on his bedroom wall in Spain.


He apparently did have offers - which he turned down. There were reports that he turned down the chance to interview for the Southampton job too. Appointing Rafa over Claude Puel wouldn’t have been a shock IMO. Would do a decent job there.


The snobbery about Rafa is very telling. A manager does not have to be on an upward curve in his career before being appointed. A bad spell here or there is not a definitive indication of a manager’s ability to be successful at a club like Arsenal.

How his methods would work in the stable environment Arsenal offers, free from politics at board and dressing room level, should the main consideration on your mind. The things I want from Rafa is his style of football, tactical nous, strong personality, discipline and top level experience. I’m not saying he should be first choice but he should be considered, we could do lot worse.

Rafa has done exceedingly well at Newcastle. The fact that they’re top of the championship is nothing to turn your nose up at, Championship is one of the most difficult/competitive leagues in Europe and returning to the PL first time of asking is not an easy task when your dealing with all the issue related to PL relegation. The mentality and composition of the team has to be absolutely right.