Who will be the next manager?


Fair enough points


We’ve seen tons of world class players leave over the years so forgive me for thinking nothing would really change.

It would suck for sure and would come with its fair share of troubles. But we are elevated to such a position that nothing would stop world class talent wanting to come here.

People forget, Ozil, one of the world’s best, came here knowingly being the only world class player, and knowing exactly how uncompetitive we were and how non existent our trophy haul and wage structure (etc etc) was.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s never the end or as bad as people make out it could be.



Whilst that is true and I do see what your saying, we had the paying off the stadium constraints excuse when luring him 4 years ago. If Sanchez and Ozil walk what is our pitch to potential top players now ? When they see how far we have been off the pace in the previous for seasons.


According to a friend which works as journalist for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Max Allegri admires Arsenal and Wenger. When he was in Milan, tried to watch many games on Sky Sport Italia because loves the Premier League, especially us.


Rzouki apparently having a say too (whoever that is) dunno if true or not but there is a lot of smoke about this…wonder if a fire will be there too:


After what he said yesterday, there are growing speculations about him joining us. Something is going on behind the scenes for sure.


God I’m so excited with all this Allegri news. Gonna be so devestated when fucking Wenger is still hanging around as our manager next season :sob:


Would be very interesting to see what he could do with our squad. I feel we have a devastating squad if they just are trained properly and get that winning mentality which is not being brought out with Wenger…with his training being different might even get fewer injuries so who knows. I think if we signed him all of a sudden a lot of gobby fans will start to get nervous even if they refuse to show it.


Yeah I see where you’re coming from. I think he’d be a better appointment than a lot of people would think, just saying I find it to be pretty uninspiring.


Those tears are gonna be sweet when Wenger signs that extension. Cmon Wenger, 3 more years, 3 more years!!


Troll detected :xhaka:


Wait, that took you until NOW?:grinning:


“Fear” “anxious”

Yep reading this confirms the club are spineless. Still wanting and hoping he signs for another two years after he’s proven he’s not up to the job anymore.


There’s no quotes from anyone so it doesn’t/shouldn’t confirm anything. Those words seem like journalistic licence to me.


Looking at Allegri’s track record and at his age I’m not sure I’m that impressed.

He’s won the serie a once with Milan and twice with Juventus as well as a couple coppa italias and a supercoppa Italiana. I mean that’s not to dissimilar to winning the league with Man City and Chelsea and with the way the serie a is now, taking over a team like Juve is just like shooting fish in a barrel.

I might be wrong, I’m not into Italian football but I just though I’d point it out.


Well to put it into perspective the Scudetto he won with Milan in 2011 was there first since 2004.

His management at Cagliari was fantastic. He played good football and led them to consecutive top 10 finishes and that is a squad that did not have the quality to be there. He nurtured many players.

At Juventus, in his first season he came close to winning a treble (which would have made him only the second manager to win this with an Italian club).

He’s 49, a fantastic age for a manager. He worked his way up the Italian football pyramid and now deservedly manages the best club in Italy. Despite opposition to his appointment, he has been a resounding success.

Some of his duels with Pep’s famed Barcelona team were so fantastic to watch. That Milan team never should have been as competitive with that Barcelona team as it was.

If his CV doesn’t impress you then I can’t quite fathom what kind of CV you must be looking for.

He’s a champions league finalist, a multiple time domestic league and cup winner and has a penchant for playing nice football but also organised football. Nurtures young players well too.


Wouldn’t even be too bothered if Sanchez and ozil don’t re sign if this happens


Fair enough, thanks for clarifying. I actually thought he was a lot older, late fifties, so that does make it much more impressive.

Why is leaving Juve on the cards for him?


What? I have been one Wenger’s best supporters, but his time is up. If he stayed everything would only get nastier and nastier.