Who will be the next manager?


He said early in january he is studying English so…:ozil2:


You’d have to say the time is fast approaching.

Talk about an open window of opportunity, you’ve got both Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Chelsea with very or relatively recent appointments, none of them are going to be out the door before summer 2018 earliest. Arsenal is now the glaringly obvious big club option for a top level manager looking to test himself in England.


Every season there’s a new spin on how Arsenal are surely going to do something in order to attain some success. :smile:

Not getting my hopes up.


I listened his interview. Ok, he hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, but nobody mentioned Arsenal in the question and Allegri looked very focused on Juventus. We will see in June, but this interview is sincerly normal.


Tbh I don’t get the hype over Allegri.




Good manager. World class club. Consistent success. Possibly available in the summer.

How many managers fit the above criteria?


Essentially the only criteria you have is:

  • Good manager that is fortunate enough to be at a great club.
  • hopefully won’t see out his contract.

Where ever shall we find an alternative! :smile:


Except for Benitez who do you like :grinning:.


You know the Wenger support network’s defences are wearing thin when Allegri is the chosen target of mockery for not being good enough as a replacement. Jesus :laughing:


Thinking about the replacement for Arsène Wenger, I don’t see many managers around the World.

If Arsenal will sign one (not manager) will need to sign a sporting director to work with him. Allegri worked with Galliani and Marotta, Tuchel with Zorc, Sampaoli with Monchi, Simeone with Berta, Jardim with Cordòn.


Phrasing. Boom.


A Juventus fans website says Allegri can join us, but only next year.


As if the fans have a say, that is like us saying as fans that we accept Greizmann and Lewandowski to come this summer only, after that they can shove it…as if Allegri and Juventus as a club give a shit what they think or say.


They seem to be well-informed, tbf.



You don’t want to see any.


Ok, it’s official mate, you’re stupid.

I opened the topic about Allegri, and I don’t want to see the alternative.

Bloody hell, I would start to not write here.


Its kind of funny actually. Im not sure, maybe it is because of some history I dont know about but some posters here seem to be going out of their way to make you out as the most radicalised AKB ever.


I’m not trying to troll or be funny when I suggest Rafa, I’ve really grown to appreciate the manner of methods. His work especially at Newcastle pretty solidified my opinion of him. I’ve been watching them alot this season and I really like how the team is set up and the mentality instilled

I find it a bit surprising he’s so easily dismissed by some. Just need to look at his CV, his experience and reputed methods to see why he’s be a decent steady pair of hands after Wenger.



Because he’s a very pragmatic coach, he can get results in high profile games. I’ll give him that. But I don’t think he has what it takes to make a team perform over 38 games looking at that Liverpool side.

As far as player evaluation goes, I reckon he would want to have a big voice in that, I don’t trust him at all. He bought so much carbage at Liverpool apart from 5 good transfers or so.

Maybe he can do with Arsenal the same as he did with Napoli. Solid, but anonymous seasons (although 5th with them in his second season is nothing to get excited about). I don’t believe he can take Arsenal to the next level.