Who will be the next manager?



I guess that makes me a traitor.



or a winner :henry:


We nearly had him in 1986.
Impatience cost us…Although we did get GG…


You really shouldn’t joke about how other people support the team when you have openly said you want us to loose so the manager leaves


Well, I haven’t said i want us to lose, I have said I don’t care if we do. Important difference. :slight_smile:


Without trolling through pages to find the post You said something like “youd take what ever amount of humiliation it takes for wenger to quit”


It would also mean we never lose to him again.


Yep, I’d rather it didn’t come to that though. He should walk away and he well knows that himself. I don’t want us to lose, but if we do and that helps him make up his mind, fine.


Today in a week could very well be the moment he makes up his mind.


Even if we lose to Bayern badly, we will still go on to put in a world class performance at the Emirates, which, while it will result in our exit from Europe, will be used as a catalyst to move forward and grab top four. Thus, repeating the never ending cycle of being a fucking Arsenal fan.


Hopefully it’s the other way round tho, as I’m going out to Munich but cba with the home game.


Let’s just hire Paddy V and be done with it :grin:


Oh yeah that’s much better then :roll_eyes:




It’s almost as if you’ve read the script before


Pragmatic italian manager. Love him.


Wenger. £16m worth.


Allegri was quizzed on talk he could move to the Emirates next season but reiterated his desire to continue winning with the Bianconeri.

“I won’t deny or confirm anything,” Allegri told Italian broadcaster Mediaset Premium . "I am in sync with the club, now we have to focus on winning.

“At this time of the season the media always says I’m leaving, even when things are going really well.”


He sound like he is coming :henry2:


A real positive just he just didn’t dismiss it as paper talk.