Who will be the next manager?


I feel Howe is too similar to Wenger. Both in terms of playing style as well as philosophical priorities. I’m just dying for someone who is capable of setting up the team defensively and can transmit his desperation to win to the team.


Frank de Boer’s available. I have no knowledge of who is a good manager out there, so won’t try to pretend. We have grown used to the Arsenal’s way of playing which is Arsene’s attacking football. It kind of left his own image on us. The board and branding team will probably want someone to replicate the same kind of football otherwise alienate a lot of the fans and it means the money. The section of winning with any means fans will probably not mind taking a more pragmatic approach and hiring someone like Conte. It’s less of finding the manager but the identity of the team.


Yeah this is a valid point. A major reason why Arsenal’s foreign support has grown is because is they were exposed to Arsenal and the best of Wenger. They essentially support Arsenal 1996 onwards.

I think it’s different for English born Arsenal supporter who have only experience Wenger. They have a greater appreciation of English football and it’s history


It’s not his longevity. It’s because he/Arsenal was winning Premier Leagues. Barcelona, Real etc etc also have fans worldwide, not because of managers, but because of the success clubs had. We all, as foreign fans of the bigger European teams, are glory hunters pretty much.

It’s not an coincidence the most successful European clubs have the most fans worldwide.


“We are proud to announce our new manager. He comes from France”.



I agree with you to the extent that winning things is what exposed fans in Asia, Africa etc. To the big European clibs, but not all foreign fans are gloryhunters. A gloryhunter is constantly shifting loyalties to follow the team that wins more. Many foreign fans may have fallen in love with the glorious early Wenger sides, but if they’ve stuck around down the years then they are not gloryhunters.


It seems strange to support a club because of the manager.
When we were successful with Wenger, we had a team full of world class, entertaining players, and that was the reason we attracted support from all over Europe.
But to support a club because of a manager that has had players starting for us like Ramsey, Giroud, Chamberlain, Walcott, etc, and only a couple of top players seems a bit weird.

But if people who follow Wenger rather than the club want to follow him out the club, when he leaves, please shut the door behind you.


I dunno, if Wenger moves to another club you can bet your ass i will be supporting them, on the basis that it isnt a conflict of interest with Arsenal.

I admire the man greatly. More so than any other manager in football. However i still want him out.

I think many of us support individuals in sports, that should be no different with managers. Wenger is very much intwined with Arsenal, and his relationship to the club has almost become symbiotic. After 20 years lines will of course be blurred and fans will come and go just for him.


Maybe I’ll be able to support a team who finally wins shit and leave u losers to your own devices :grin:


So no, you won’t follow Arsene’s next club then?


Lol no. Although Arsene would probably win with a proper upper management in place and a proper fan base for support.


A proper fan base for support? That has to be some kind of joke doesn’t it?

There is no manager of any big club in the world who has been afforded as much support and patience from the fans as Arsene Wenger has over the last 13 years. That is complete and utter nonsense.


Instead of jokers like you. Amirite? :slight_smile:



One of the most annoying things is when people say " we need a manager to come in that plays similar football to Wenger " I think we need a manager to come in that can organise a team defensively and play a horses for courses type of football. I look forward to the day we finally keep a clean sheet against a top 6 side away from home again.


Bergkamp and Henry to dominate football when they take charge of the gunners in Summer 2017!


Deschamps and Blanc are more likely than any of the guys under 40-ish that have been mentioned I reckon.

If Allegri is unobtainable I’d go for a short term safer pair of hands, while ‘grooming’ someone for the subsequent years. Timing could work out with Ronald Koeman for example


I’m not against Koeman because he’s demanding in the transfer market, demanding on his players and is pretty organised tactically speaking.


I’m really hoping for Allegri. I was listening to the European football podcast last night on the BBC, and apparently Juventus are scouting the Fiorentina manager as a possible replacement for Allegri.

I think he’d significantly improve our squad tactically. Not to mention making us more competitive.


Be honest, hypothetically, would you take SAF coming out of retirement to take over Wenger?