Who will be the next manager?


Yeah I don’t disagree with your post, I do think we should constitute a pretty attractive proposition for managers and have said that a few times, I just don’t think that we’d be attractive in the same way that Chelsea and Man U were for Conte and Mourinho.


Will it though?

Because it’ll just be further proof it was Wenger they were truly behind not the club itself, which has been evident to everyone but themselves.


When it was clear Conte was going to Chelsea, they were still reigning champions. He made one key signing in Kante (and a couple of others but less key imo), and now they are champions again, on course for a 90 point season. Hazard and Costa weren’t in their final year and basically gone when he arrived either.

Mourinho was unemployed after already working at many of Europe’s top teams who wouldn’t have him back and he went to the biggest club in the country and was given a 150m budget. He’d also wanted that job for a loooong time.

Not saying we won’t get someone good but someone might think twice if they have another offer at the same time. Whatever way you look at it, take over a club in 2nd/3rd and your job is to get them 1st/2nd. Take over a club in 6th, your job is to get 4th and that’s a different proposition altogether.


Behind a paywall so don’t know the entire contents of this article but I believe it basically says BILD have information that we’ve approached Tuchel.


Unfortunately BILD is one of the most unreliable journals of Europe about football.


Don’t really want Tuchel but I’ll take anyone over Wenger.


Seeing as it’s Tommy Tuchel, I’d say it’s quite fortunate that they’re supposedly unreliable. :wink:


I always thought it was the other BILD that was unreliable.

Nvm, think they’re the same thing :joy:


After his interview after the Dortmund- Benfica game he really grew on me hahaha.

I don’t really watch the Bundesliga so can’t form an opinion on what he’d be like here. Not sure if he’s done anything really noteworthy yet.

Allegri is still the man I’m hoping for.


Bundesliga italian commentator (Pietro Nicolodi) said personally to me: everything which is connected with Bild, is probably not true.

Kicker are reliable, much reliable than them.

Right? :eyes:


According to someone on r/Gunners… this is the only trustworthy place for BVB stuff. Dunno though.


Tuchel is just a slightly better version of Wenger. Still not convinced by him.


Sportbild are unreliable in general… Bild used to be reliable for Bayern news but dunno how it’s now. I’d personally only trust them on confirmations and not so much on rumors.


Apparently it’s clickbait and we haven’t approached him. Just that we’re considering it.

^ No idea what it says. It’s all in French.


We aren’t nearly as attractive a proposition as Chelsea or Man United, even more so without CL football.

Any manager coming in will have just lost Sanchez and Ozil and will have to make do with a bunch of players like Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Gabriel, Coquelin, Elneny etc. while also being hamstrung in an increasingly inflated transfer market by a club that can’t compete financially with Unites, Chelsea and City.

If we lose out on top 4 this season, it’s going to be really long shit-show.


It’s mostly about butter and invading Poland.


More like Top 6.

Arsene is looking likely to stay, based on briefing some friendly hacks like John “Crossy” Cross. This means our next manager is the same as our old manager.

The manager after Arsene continues to cripple the club and eventually leaves in 2020 will probably be someone like Eddie Howe, someone cheap who would be willing to join a club badly in need of a rebuild.


French? :mustafi:


Invading Poland again?

They really do never learn.


I see your point, but I also think it’s perfectly justified to get our money back from those catholo-fascists before we kick them out of the EU.
According to Bild, Tuchel has an offer from Arsenal on the table and Arsene is on his way out after 21 years. They also mention the bad run of form and discontent among the fans.
Why Tuchel? They think he’s got a good reputation internationally (very important for Bild readers, they love these proxy pats on the back), beat Real to the CL group win and has reached the quarter final.
His contract runs out in 2018 and while Bild think he himself would like to extend, rumour has it that the relationship with Zorc and Watzke is strained and that they would allow him to move on.
Allegri is another candidate, but they point out that leaving Juve for a job at the 6th placed club in the PL is hardly an upwardly mobile career move. :grin: