Who will be the next manager?


In fact he doesn’t know who si reliable and who is not.


Can’t believe Allegri is still as long as 5/2 to be our next manager with a couple of bookmakers! Go make yourself some money


It seems Allegri told us to make up our minds very soon. He doesn’t want to wait forever.


I think there’s a struggle going on behind closed doors.

I think the board want Wenger to hurry up and make his decision where Wenger is still uncertain about his future.


If Wenger is leaving he will change his mind just as Allegri is about to put pen to paper as he has done with players… He will leave in a box…
On a brighter note Semi final ticket prices have not gone up… And final tickets have actually gone down a 5er across the board…


Definitely some movement happening behind the scenes. Way too much disruptions across the coaching board, big name player contracts in the air, sporting directors being talked of etc. It just feels too late to wade back against the tide for this to be a forced change to ‘help’ Wenger. He’s been given enough time to implement key elements in the team and it’s not getting us anywhere near the estimations where I think the club, or more Ivan for this matter, would believe it to be.

I think the players are privy to the gossip (moreso than us mere fellows) and are clearly stalling to see what happens later in the season. Wenger’s indecisiveness could eventually hurt us long term if the club don’t get a decision soon enough.


And with that, Arsenal squash the rumours of Boro leaving :gunnersaurus:


:pray: :pray:


I have such a hard time believing Allegri will be at the helm here, next season. I just can’t see it.


Hah of course he won’t Wenger will continue the misery of him being the manager with the usual bottling, embarrassing defeats and out the title race by February.

But if you don’t have hope what do you have?!


I think in Wenger’s head he’s only been under pressure for 6 weeks and anyone can get pasted by a team as good as Bayern so that’s not a dealbreaker. That’s not enough to convince him to leave. Maybe after another two years of that pressure he might not want to sign again in 2019 when he’s about to turn 70 but now I really don’t see it.


This is what worries me, the longer the fucker stays these Managers leave and go to other clubs and they get top managers whilst stuck with Wenger then when he finally does fuck off all the top managers are at decent clubs not wanting to move and we get some shitty unknown or someone depressing like Howe. Then it will be Gazidis and the board saying ‘we almost signed him’ why doesnt the board grow some god damn hair on their fucking balls and tell wenger to leave.


Nah, there’s always a manager good enough available. The market changes. Nobody would have thought Allegri would be available this time last year (if he really is) but sometimes coaches decide it’s time (Pep, Klopp, Conte etc). Top clubs change coaches often anyway. A club like Arsenal should be able to poach a manager from someone like Sevilla, Roma, Napoli too if we really wanted to. We could double most managers wages out there.


I think Wenger wants to stay because he knows no one would get him. But on the other had, he probably knows his time at Arsenal is up. That’s the reason why he hasn’t made up his mind yet.


We say it every year, but if ever there was a season where we needed top 4, it’s this one.

Imagine if Allegri is willing to sack off Juve and poised to take over the club that’s finished 4th then 3rd then 2nd in England and hoping to push on and maybe prove it’s possible to do well in Europe and also prove his Juve success wasn’t just having the best team, then gets cold feet about the reality of taking over a club in 5th/6th place, losing it’s top players who want to be in the CL and then playing the “get into the top 4” game for the next 2 years? If modern coaches look at being at a club for 3-4 years, that might be a turn off for them.

You could maybe argue that Juve to Arsenal last year would have been a bit of a sideways move, but if we’re 5th or 6th it’s kind of like taking the Liverpool job at any time in the last 5 years. They’re a “big club” with plenty of “history” and not afraid to spend a bit of money if needed so it should have ticked plenty of boxes, but nobody really wanted that job until an unemployed Klopp was offered it mid season.

We can still get a good coach and we’re still an upwards move for most coaches, but maybe we won’t have our pick of anybody. I’m starting to agree with the people that think we’re heading for a few years of being a mess and I’m not sure what type of coach would be best for that.


Conte moved to fucking chavski when they were bloody midtable last year, every club has a blip manu even attracted maureen when they were in no mans land…sure we may not be the most attractive club to come to in ways of accolades but for the money that can be spent and for the way it is run without interference etc i would say a LOT of managers would bite at the chance to come here and to bring back the glory days and have their own project without having someone breathing down their neck and signing players they dont want etc.


I feel like you aren’t comparing like with like here. Chelsea may have been midtable but that was for one season in exceptional circumstances, Conte needed to make relatively minor tweaks (I say this not to diminish his quality or achievements) to a side that were recently champions to get them back to the level they should be at. Mourinho took over the biggest club in the country (one of the biggest in the world) who despite finishing outside the top four can afford to pump 150m into transfers every summer and pay the best wages in the world (outside China). Because Man U have been so poor in recent seasons there’s a fairly low bar for what constitutes success in his first season or two, which makes the job attractive too. Similar could even be said of Conte, just getting them back into the top four would have been acceptable, before the season started not many were predicting they’d be running away with the league like this.

I feel that neither of these two scenarios are that similar to the one a prospective manager would face if they took on the gig here.


But against all that, England is the league to prove your worth in and Arsenal is the only obviously (hopefully :roll_eyes:) available top club gig likely to be available until at least next summer

I feel like it’s an ideal time to slip in through the door at Arsenal because there are a lot of supporters that I expect will feel like I do and lower the bar for Allegri in his first season based on the size of the rebuilding job

That may seem unfair for hardcore Wenger fanboys like Maxi who will cry hypocrisy but it’s just being realistic


it’ll be interesting, because I think many hardcore AKBs may be on the case of the new manager very quickly if results aren’t great, and hardcore WOBs will be saying ‘support the manager’ like the roles will reverse.

Interesting times.


If that does happen (and I expect it may too), the last vestiges of logic really will have deserted the AKB argument, hah