Who will be the next manager?


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Well that’s interesting


[quote]It all further points to Arsenal planning for the changes that will follow the eventual departure of Wenger, although sources have stressed that this process is about the long-term and not specifically linked to whether the Frenchman stays beyond this summer.

There has been no particular urgency as yet with the enquiries that have started about candidates but it is a role that remains more common in Europe and Arsenal would look abroad as well as in England.[/quote]


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Jorah Mormont is dying of greyscale, he can’t be our sporting director.


the most telling thing is ‘take pressure off wenger’ if true then he is staying whether we like it or not.


What’s the point of a sporting director?

It’s just another person Wenger will have control over.


Maybe preparing for after him also, maybe they want this structure but Wenger didnt but they dont much care anymore because his time is coming to an end and they are looking at life after him, whether that may be next season or whenever.


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Messi Minutes is one of the worst Arsenal account on Twitter. He writes tweet despite he doesn’t know anything. :facepalm:


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He’s quoting an article ffs not like he’s making it up :joy:


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Well hopefully it is a person that will take some of Wengers old duties, with a new head coach doing the rest.

A sporting director + manager double threat os needed to replace Wenger.


Gotta be something in this, there has a been a lot of chatter and wengers right hand man is leaving next season there has been talk of the board hiring a new body ‘to take the pressure off wenger’ Allegri has not distanted himself from the rumours even bookies (skybet has him as 2/1 to join Arsenal) there seems to be a lot of movement of key staff recently, so maybe wenger has not said that he is leaving but maybe the powers that be know what is going on and they are clearing the way for a new manager.


So you are saying we are slowly preparing for a new manager? I mean, Allegri is coming in 2018. Did you mean it?


I think he will be probably here next season 2018 the latest…it does seem to point to that wenger is leaving, all the movement in the club seems supicious to me.


2/1 there (i know leper will kill me)

look also at this guy apparently coming in to ‘take the pressure of wenger with signings etc’ yeah as if wenger will want that, wenger likes to do all of that stuff he likes to be dabbling in it, he is the whole fucking reason we miss targets it has been said too many times that he dithers and messes around with how much the club should pay and he is hot on a player then cold etc and thats why not many clubs like to deal with us, so that to me tells me wenger is going .

Now Primorac is judged to be leaving who is one of the closest people to wenger i will say something is going on. Lets face it one or two of these things you can brush off but all of these together seem to be very suspicious. The whole clubs structure if these changes are happening is changing from wengers regime to a more ‘standard’ system…this wont be happening i dont reckon if wenger is still here.


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Brendan Rodgers 5th favourite :arteta:


Laughable and also laughable that he’s came closer to winning the Title than Wenger in the past decade.