Who will be the next manager?


I think its a very small minority but some actually have a stronger allegiance to Wenger than they do Arsenal IMO. Im not Saying its anyone on this board however.


So, not true fans then.


Buffoon is such an underrated word :smile:


One of the bigger questions here is what role will Wenger play.
Personally think this could be as big a worry to who we can attract.


wenger has said once he goes he fully goes he wont go on the board and he will not get involved in the recruitment of the next manager. As much as he stresses a lot of people out, I think he is man enough to stick to those words.


I wouldnt take that as gospel myself. Hope its true but not convinced.


Indeed. He says lots of things. No reason to believe that over anything else he says.


If you’ve been to the ground you’d know that’s not true! There would be mutiny if he got a new deal.


At the risk of being labeled a fake fan, I’ll admit yes I like Wenger and because of that I like Arsenal. So Wenger comes first in this equation. Honestly what qualities of a club can you like? The board that make up the sum of the clubs parts? Hardly a good reason. Sure as hell don’t follow Arsenal because of the fans, most of them being spoiled unthankful twats. So you support a club because that’s what your dad, or grandpa did? About as good a reason as any I guess.


Were you just googling top soccer coaches and liked the sound of a wiley educated Frenchman then wondered what team he coached?




So when Wenger leaves you’ll go follow his new team?

That sounds like a win-win.


When I’ve been to the Emirates it was the 09-10 season & 12-13 Season so chances are the climate has changed since then.


I’m glad Arsenal were thrust at me and I never had the major responsibility of having to choose my own club. No way would my child brain have been smart enough to pick a club based on them having the good manager. I’d have ended up supporting Cambridge United because they play in yellow, or even worse, Man United because they had David Beckham, gulp. :grin:


We need someone who’s the total opposite of Wenger. also as you said Craigie a big name someone who’s not going to get the “He’s out of his depth” jibes thrown at him.

Allegri would be that man, I think he definitely would need time as I don’t think he could do a Conte and turn us overnight into PL Champs. I think he would get rid of half the squad, probably needs a transfer window or two to get the squad he wants. He would bring back the likes of Viera, Petit and Adam/Keown types to the squad. He’s not afraid to spend either which is good. He would be a perfect appointment.

But sadly I think Wenger will get to pick his successor and it be a nice gentle type like him lol.


I don’t really have an issue with A4TT supporting Arsenal because of Arséne Wenger (Trion too?) if he’s willing enough to admit it. There will be thousands/millions of people out from outside England who are the same, people who don’t have football as a culture instilled in them or don’t have the simplicity of following the team geographically closest to them.

This is only happening because of Wenger’s longevity btw, to make the obvious point. Once Wenger goes, and if the next guy wins nothing for 4 years (well he’s out of a job then) you won’t get a whole bunch of new fans flocking to the Arsenal banner bc of him.

He’s been here since 1996 and there are people on this board who weren’t even born when the previous management was here, so the hated ‘Arséne IS Arsenal’ mantra does actually make a lot of sense to me for these people, from their perspective anyway. You can only judge things from your own experiences.


I see what you’re saying but I was 6 in 1996, all I can remember or have known is Wenger but it’s no barrier to seeing the bigger picture or appreciating that there is an Arsenal without Wenger.

So to me the “Arsene is Arsenal” mantra doesn’t make any sense.


For a start its disrespecting Arsenal’s history pre Wenger which stacks up relatively well.


I prefer. Arsenal fc not Arsene fc.


I actually laughed when i read buffoon. Its a great word

As for who should replace Wenger if he ever decides to give up his 8mill per year, I’d go with either Allegri or Simeone

Howe is a decent young manager. I think he needs to step up to the next level though before we start thinking about him as manager. When i say next level i mean teams that are mid table prem teams like Stoke, Everton or a West Ham.