Who will be the next manager?


According to this… he wants him to replace Wenger as manager. :arteta:
We’d be so buggered if that happened.


Kluivert, Begiristan and Emenalo hadn’t proven anything before they got their big jobs at PSG, Barcelona and Chelsea. I don’t know why you should shoot of the name of Pires in comparison with these names.


Josh Kroenke should stay silent like his old man

Ridiculous fucking suggestion thats trying to appease the fans. Most will look at that and think great Henry back at the club


Henry back in the club in some type of ambassador role would be nice. But nothing more.


Kluivert worked with AZ, NEC, Twente, worked under LVG with Netherlands, at Ajax with the U19 and has been appointed as PSG director of football only after a period behind Leonardo de Araujo.

Begiristain worked with Barça into a team of great figures, wasn’t the only to speak with the manager.

Emenalo was a chief scout, first team coach and at the end of the season (2011 maybe) they promoted him as technical director with influence on the scouting and academy programs.

Henry isn’t ready for an important role like this. Worked six months (?) as assistant coach with U18, but preferred to keep his job with Sky and after has accepted the promotional role with Martinez for Belgium NT.


If we are to appoint a DoF in the future, I’d like it to be someone with genuine connections in the industry. Player negotiations are tougher than ever with the amount of competition and money in the market.


Just fuck off!


Arsene Wenger’s corpse.


We were close to employing Glenn Roder after David dean left too if I remember corectly


Italian Tv said Allegri is very likely to become our new manager.


Good news, Bonucci himself said he wasn’t sure if Allegri would stay in Italy.

Very encouraging signs!! I can’t imagine how nice it would be to watch an Arsenal team with a variety of different tactics and some actual decent signings!


I’d prefer Simeone, but would settle for Allegri.


I feel that Allegri beats simeone plays decent football very tactically aware, i feel simeone is too rigid. That is just my view though, but as you say either of them would be awesome!


Well there are rumours Dybala isn’t happy either perhaps Allegri says fuck it and bounces.

He definitely won’t get any insurbdonaiton with this lot, they are way too comfortable with the status quo.


So Allegri, Dybala, Mertens and Insigne? Wouldn’t mind it! :allegriface:


Quality!! :joy:


It sounds like what you really want is to support a Serie A club :xhaka:


Why not? They are winners :hipster:


After reading ghe news today, it will be Wenger again.

This club :facepalm:


This evening I have read our potential XI with Allegri: Donnarumma as GK, Chiellini as CB, Alex Sandro on the left and Morata on attack for a 3-5-2 with Mustafi, Koscielny, Xhaka, Ramsey, Bellerìn, Oxlade and Welbeck. :joy: