Who will be the next manager?


This is the first time I’ve heard of the player so no idea if he’s good or not but as far as youtube compilations go that was about as unconvincing as I’ve seen. Looks like an angry Ramsey.


I think our problem when Wenger goes wont be signing players but getting rid of some of the overpaid prima donnas we have on book…Aside Ozil and Sanchez cant see many lining up to take some of the others.
Couldnt even sell Carl Jenkinson because of his wages…(maybe the reason we let contracts run down)
As for wenger not spending, he does, but more times than not its on the wrong type of player(useless). Hopefully to be addressed very soon.




angry ramsey, are you sure? this guy bags ramsey fucking easily…what has ramsey done in YEARS, this guy scores holds up play can head a ball and pass. Anyway we have to wait and see if there is any truth to any of this, but i certainly would take this guy over ramsey any day of the week


The optimism in this thread for a new manager is adorable. Arsene will almost certainly sign a new deal because like all autocrats he believes that he alone can help Arsenal rebound from a 5th place finish or push Arsenal forward from a 4th place finish.

He can’t help himself because he’s scared to walk away.


Then the board should grow some fucking balls and withdraw the contract and tell him his time is gone and carry on with his vanity project if there is another club out there that is stupid enough to indulge him.


A good Sporting Director would precisely do what some of you are so afraid of that will happen when Wenger leaves; in case of him leaving the exit of all our football knowledge and business man (Gazidis/Kroenke) who have to make football related decisions.

Such a director can protect the (football) culture, guys like that sometimes have a good network in relations to finding players and coaches etc. etc.


Allegri denies everything.


I ask this question as an Englishman with little actual knowledge of how and where you’d find a sporting director, but what actually qualifies somebody for the job? Should it ideally be somebody with a history at the club? Or do you just try and poach someone who’s done a decent job somewhere?

And what type of person wants that job? Is it someone that’s tried coaching and it’s not worked out (like a Tony Adams or Gary Neville) or does someone stop playing and then decide they want this type of role?


I personally think someone like Thierry Henry would make a good sporting director.


On what basis would Henry make a good sporting director for Arsenal?


Nah, not Henry. If we’re going down the ex player route then it has to be Marc Overmars. He’s doing a good job in that role at Ajax.


If we were to hire someone in that kind of position I’d bet it would end up being someone like Gilles Grimandi.


pires. he said he wants to bring top players here.


There seems to be no particular profile. It is hard to say I guess. Some of the more rated/famous ones in European football have different backgrounds. Monchi is a former player of Seville and was appointed soon after his career ended. Rangnick and Sammer had (extensive) careers as coaches. Giuseppe Marotta has no experience as a player or coach I think.


If we do get in a DOF I’d much rather it be someone with no ties to the previous regime.

Let the ideas, methodology and approach be fresh. They need to appraise the whole club from a neutral perspective.


Still think the big question is , if he steps down is he walking away from the club all together.


No problem. Everyone denies he is moving. Let’s see at the end of the season.


Imagine Wenger announcing he’s finally stepping down as manager only to then announce he’ll be talking up the role of DOF.


I think we need someone with ties to the club. Pires sounds good to me. Think he could do a great job.

I think a new DoF and head coach combo both is necessary to replace Wenger’s duties, because he really had massive say over the club for his tenure.


Robert Pirès wants to become our sporting director to buy great players for the fans. :facepalm:

Josh Kroenke wants Thierry Henry as our next sporting director despite his lack of qualities for the role. :facepalm:

From David Dein to Pirès or Henry :facepalm: when other big clubs have Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici (Juventus), Micheal Zorc (Borussia Dortmund), Patrick Kluivert (PSG and worked in the past with Leonardo de Araujo), Matthias Sammer (Bayern Munich), Ariedo Braida (former great AC Milan board member now at Barça with Robert Fernandez), Andrea Berta (the man in the shadow of Atletico de Madrid), Txiki Beguiristan (Manchester City), Michael Emenalo (Chelsea) etc…

Only us and Real Madrid (but they have Florentino which loves to splash the cash) haven’t a DoF.