Who will be the next manager?


You expecting them both to be here next year?!


If wenger goes I expect one off them to be here still. If wenger stays I think they both be off


^^ add the Star too



Express=The Sun=bullshit :xhaka:


I don’t know if Allegri wants to work with Gazidis and Josh Kroenke after two great experiences at great club with structure like Juventus and AC Milan.

Allegri had a problem with Bonucci last week. He spoken with Marotta (sporting director), Pavel Nedved (vice chairman), Andrea Agnelli (chairman) and sent the player out of squad for the CL game against Porto.

Who are our Marotta, Nedved and Agnelli?

Same words for his experience with AC Milan with two important figures like Adriano Galliani (current sporting director and CEO) and Ariedo Braida (important board member).

Who are our Galliani and Braida?

Wenger is alone, and isn’t his fault if Gazidis, Friar, Kroenke Senior and Junior aren’t interested about the football like him. Since we lost DD and failed to reach an agreement with Houllier and Remi Gàrde, Arsène has been the only man to control the football aspect of the club.

The interview with BT Sport is important and needs to be analyzed. I’m tired of banters and flame on this forum. I want to discuss. If anyone prefer to blame and to be funny, sincerely, I will log-out and will try to talk about Arsenal on another platforms. For me it’s hard to talk about Arsenal with my friends because they are italian, they don’t follow too much the Premier League and they don’t know how to say. This is the only space to reduce the distance with the club which I love since I was kid.

Please, talk about the problems of this club and not limit our discussion about the banters and bullshits. It’s simple to attack the WRONG AND CRAZY CHOICES made by the manager yesterday and during the last years, but our problem is much big and too underrated.

WE HAVEN’T A STRUCTURE IN OUR CLUB and this is much worse than a problem with the manager.

If anyone will watch the interview with BT Sport, will note how is passional Arsène Wenger to explain our situation. When talked about the board (lack of support from them) and the next level, opened the eyes and his face changed expression. I never saw him like now.

We want Allegri to replace him but can Allegri performs good without any structure behind him? Not. All the managers will fail if Arsenal will not change.

The problem isn’t (only) Arsène, but the board.


When was the last time which Gazidis talked about the football situation of Arsenal FC? Football, not sponsors or merchandising.

Wenger is an umbrella for the board. They use him as scapegoat from criticisms and to hide their immense weaknesses & incompetences.


The board if anything is too rigid, I think the big problem is Wenger not handing over any responsibility to anyone…it has been said he dabbles too much, the club set out to get someone and he then dallies or gives them a number not to go over…i think a lot of this stuff that makes the board looks bad is literally Wenger sticking his butt into what he feels is right. I think there is reasons why behind the scenes it has been said (although it cannot be truly verified like a lot of stuff) Gazidis wants Wenger to leave.

I reckon Allegri would come if we went after him he has been quoted about his love of arsenal and would love to be in charge of a ‘dynasty’ and i think he knows he will not have that with Juventus because they fire managers too readily even when they are doing well, it seems they dont have much more than about 3 years shelf life. Also has been said he is learning English too, and even their fans are a little concerned that he is never coming out and saying to people that it is not true that he is leaving he just cryptic.


And hes perfectly happy with that because it allows him to run the footballing part of the club exactly how he wants to. If Wenger asked for a DOF he’d have one but he doesn’t and ghe board isn’t going to force one on him. They are both massively at fault.


If Allegri will accept to work with this board, will be strange because until now the figures around him have been too important for his success.


Wenger tempted to appoint Gerard Houllier and Remi Garde as DOF, but they didn’t accepted an unknow figure into their affairs.


Prove it…


If this is true, Houllier and Wenger are friends and Garde played for Wenger. You really think they would dissmiss them when they were nominated by Wenger himself?

Gazidis was an unknown figure too btw.


When? Sources?


Wenger’s idea of a director of football is Boro Primorac. :see_no_evil:


Books and an old interview of Remi with L’ Equipe.


Wenger entire reign is unique. He’s kinda similar to Bill Belichick who head coach and general manager.

I think people consistently underrate the ability of the board tbh. I refuse to believe they don’t have a range of contingencies in place post Wenger.

I’m not really a big fan of the head coach model in Football clubs. I especially hate the Sporting Director concept. Any DoF has to be a tool of the manager and not a tool of the board.


So I googled. And I found this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-452392/Remi-prosper-changing-Garde.html

So it goes back to 2007 just after Dein left. Before Gazidis. Before Kroenke. It’s just not in any way believeale to me that Wenger asked and got told no by the board that was in place at that time.

Lots of articles from around the time suggest Wenger himself conducted the search to replace Dein…


No smoke without fire…


so badly hope so, that kid also looks like he would be an immense signing. People are saying he is very strong on the ball almost impossible to knock off it and has very good technique, he would look awesome in our midfield.