Who will be the next manager?



Conte is friend with many journalits in Italy and I never read a news which linked him with us.


HONESTLY. I wish Sol would just fuck off.


As soon as i saw it was Townsend(Rocky’s bitch)i pressed stop… No interest in anything he has to say…


If Allegri won the Champions League it would be the right time for him to leave and prove himself elsewhere, imo.


Keyser Soze ; Hard but fair


According to “sources” Allegri told his “close” friends over dinner that he is coming to Arsenal. This definitely maybe probably didn’t happen :xhaka:


Calciomercato.com are the most unreliable source in Italy.


Italian press might just be worse than English newspapers when it comes to rumours.


The Sun. Enough said :xhaka:


They meant Arsenal Tula



These are always such rubbish articles. Chiellini and Alex Sandro are not going to leave Juventus. If Donnarumma leaves Milan is going to be Juventus rather than Arsenal.


You can stay at Juventus mate… :wink:







That’s a fucking shite team tbh.

Stick to posting tits not tactics daily Star


we shall call the football and tittie merger tit-tacs, they are my favourite :henry2:


Lol at that midfield! :arteta:


That team actually looks great, except Ramsey.


No Ozil or Sanchez