Who will be the next manager?


With Paulo Sousa to replace him.


Ah fuck.

I’ve already boarded the hype train to Disappointment. :sunglasses:


My initial reaction, if the union of Allegri and Arsenal is going to happen, would be: meh.


How comes man?




I wonder if he has the ability to properly rebuild a team. Because unlike Chelsea f.e., who had a lot of quality when Conte came in, this squad needs work. Milan had still a lot of the old guard added with Ibra and Robinho and Juventus were good when he came in.

Whilst you can only respect a CV like that; I’m still not like goddamn he’s great. Maybe because I haven’t followed his career that closely.


If it’s true that we might get Allegri and Juventus get Simeone to replace him, then it’s Juventus that have got the best deal.

Although I would prefer Simone, I certainly wouldn’t turn down Allegri.

Anyone, as long as it’s not someone like Martinez or Howe.


I don’t get why Howe is even linked to the job. On which planet is he anywhere near good enough to manage Arsenal? Seeing his tactics at times, I sometimes wonder whether he is even good enough to manage Bournemouth!

If Edward John Frank Howe becomes manager of my club then I’m quitting football to become a golf fan girl. You know I’m serious when I start middle naming people!


Guess that applies to Guardiola then? (Edit: not being antagonising, just a genuine/sincere observation)


I feel his Milan 2012-13 team was extremely good given the circumstances. If he had the right resources and not a past it chairman like Galliani and Berlusconi, he could have rebuilt Milan well after a lot of stars left in 2012.

You already see that replacements for big players in Juve are doing good. Dybala, Higuain etc.


No, not really. Guardiola played another style of football with both teams. He made Barcelona even better and more dominant. Guardiola really added value too both those club imo, whilst with Allegri and MIlan it was much more ‘revitalizing’ what they had. By which I don’t want to say Allegri didn’t do that, it’s just much less evident to me in comparison with what Guardiola did for his clubs.


He is linked with us because he doesn’t know how to defend :wink:


I am not convinced. We wouldn’t be a big club if we sold all our best players now, would we?


I’m not sure he is linked anywhere but in the minds of fanciful or speculative fans and lazy journalists.


I agree.
If he was at an equivalent club in the Bundesliga, just below mid table, we wouldn’t be remotely interested.
But because he is English and young, the media are making out he is the next Guardiola…

The problem is, when the best English managers are people like Allardyce, Pulis, Bruce etc, there isn’t a lot of competition.

Like you, if he does get the Arsenal job, it will be worse than Man U getting Moyes.

It won’t happen.
Even our board aren’t that stupid, although they are that tight and unambitious.


If Barça keep Enrique and don’t go in for Sampaoli at the end of the season, which seems likely right now, we would be idiots not to go in for him. Pretty ideal hire tbh.


AC wants? Then I don’t want.


You’re trolling AC and I reckon you’re not one who cares for style of football, me neither btw, but when you do he is pretty much the ideal candidate. Experience, success, attacking style of football. He fits it all. The only thing that can be worrying is communications. Is he prepared to learn English and all that at 56-year old.


English is not that hard to learn, after all even the british can do it.


Sol Campbell alluding that we tried to get Conte last summer. 21 Mins onwards: