Who will be the next manager?


Big clubs make managers available, another thing that’s wrong with Arsenal’s current pesant culture.


We may have left ourselves in a harder situation to get back as challengers now.
Pep, Klopp and Ancelloti were out there last year and we didnt move.
Chelsea look strong and city and united look capable of improvement for next season with money to burn.
There was upset at them clubs and it was a missed oppertunity by us to steal a march on them.
Going to be hard to beat any of them to a title now in the next few seasons.
Left with no option but to change now though no matter what.


Wenger and Gazidis are always droning on about us being one of the biggest, most profitable clubs in Europe, and saying we can afford any player we want, and then going through transfer windows saying the reason we didn’t buy any top players was because “they didn’t meet with our valuation,” or “there was no value in the market.”

Of all the top clubs in Europe, we are the least proactive when it comes to transfers, and I expect the same when it comes to getting the next manager.

It won’t be a top European manager, it will be second tier, like Howe or anyone who won’t demand massive transfer funds and does it on the cheap, and the excuse will be, no one was available.

Well I’ve got news for our lazy, unambitious board, anyone is available for a price and there are plenty of them out there that are attainable if we try hard enough.

The problem with our board is that “trying” is all we do, and then we get mediocrity.

So stop bragging about how rich we are, and how much money we have in the bank, and spend it on what we need.
There is no excuse, stop being so tight.


Yeah that’s the problem our board will want to go for some 2nd or 3rd tier flog that’s just happy to get a gig at a club like Arsenal. They don’t want anyone that’s tests the waters and questions Thier Saddo ambitions.


Don’t care who it is, as long as they put a rocket up the arse of some our players and get rid of the obvious dead wood.


I really don’t give a fuck who the manager is I just don’t want it to be Wenger


This the classic post of a stupid. Sorry Calum, but do you think before to post?

Arsenal need to improve, to be better, to win trophies and there aren’t many managers good enough to replace Arsène Wenger. Do you want to change because you love to change, not because we need, like during the transfer window. People want to sign players not because the players are useful, but only to sign and to creare chaos.

If the alternatives are Roberto Martinez, Eddie Howe, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry or another poor manager, sincerly, I would prefer Arsène for other twenty years.

If the alternatives are Max Allegri, Jorge Sampaoli, Diego Simeone, Ronald Koeman, Philippe Cocu I’m totally agree to change and open a new chapter.


We won’t pick a shit manager. :slightly_smiling_face: The board will now how important it is and the Moyes factor will help.


I think it goes without saying. Nobody is saying we’ll take me off the street to replace AW. FFS it would by definition be a top manager, especially after witnessing Utd’s struggles with Moyes. Having said that, it is true that pretty much nobody in England knew who the f*ck AW was when he was hired and he is an Arsenal legend now.


Calm down. Having Howe is different from having Allegri.


Do you trust our board? :bellerin:


Yes. Gazidis seems very into replacing Wenger.

Having Howe is different from having Allegri.

He won’t be our manager


Anyone mentioning Howe needs banning.

At this point, that kind of shit is trolling.


One of the options should have been Wenger.



I’d go for Howe personally. Managing true genius like Jack Wilshere will have taught him a lot and he should now be ready for the step up.


I bet people said the same about Wenger in 1996 after Graham.

“Wenger who???”

Obviously times are different now, but still


Wenger did a little more than Howe has done now though.

I think people also thought that, because coverage of football wasn’t that extensive as it is now.


That’s true.

It was before the internet, and I remember thinking the same as everyone else when he was announced, which was, who’s he?

But after looking in something called a book and reading a few articles about him, Wenger’s record was extremely good.
He had been a success at every club he had been at, although picking a manager from the J League in Japan, seemed a bit strange.

Like you say, football coverage then was almost non existent, nothing like the blanket coverage you get now.

Who ever the next manager is, I just hope it’s made for footballing, rather than financial reasons, and I don’t trust our board to do that.


Wenger won the league with Monaco and got Nagoya their best ever results.

Not comparable.


Apparently the Sun are running an exclusive tomorrow with pictures of our new manager meeting senior club officials. And it’s none other than…

Manuel Pellegrini

Nothing like replacing a 68 year old with a 63 year old is there lol.

Hope it’s not true.