What we need in the summer (probably not gonna happen though)


Horn or Leno would be great as goalies.


Over exaggerated bs


Yeah, to be fair, I was just quoting Fergie – but actually, I remember reading somewhere that despite saying that, his title winning sides never had the best defence in the league (though they were still high up).

I don’t think it’s supposed to be completely literal though. It’s more that you won’t win a league title with a rubbish defence, but you can win a title without a formidable attack – 1-0, 1-0, 1-0 etc


What is over exaggerated bs?

The team that wins the league almost without exception will be ranked either first or second in terms of fewest goals conceded.

Defence alone won’t win you titles but the team with the best defence generally wins it.


I believe in

Defence make sure you don’t lose, attack wins you titles

Barcelona are not heralded for their defence, they are heralded because even their fullbacks are amazing at attacks.

World class defence allow clubs like Athletico Madrid to win titles once in a while, World class atack like Barcelona makes sure you always win titles.
There is a reason attackers go for 4-5 times more money than defenders


The centre of midfield is such an issue for us. If Jack is fit then that mitigates the need for a Cazorla replacement slightly but nobody should bank on that (and he hasn’t signed yet!).

So much work that needs to be done before we can even think about getting close to City:

  • Cech replacement
  • Cazorla replacement
  • CM partner for Cazorla replacement
  • Mertesacker replacement (possibly even 2 CBs if Mustafi goes)
  • Welbeck / Iwobi upgrade too whilst we’re at it

Can see barely even half of that happening.


It’s not though, is it?

I might do a statistical analysis or something to prove it.


@Trion my bad you were right


Better attack has been more likely to win the title than the best defence.

Colour me surprised. @Sol