What was the last film you watched?


Before Sunrise (1995)

Seen it before and watched it again now because of the ‘going on holiday’ thread :smiley:

A young American man meets a young French girl on a train. They get to talking and he convinces the girl to get off the train with him in Vienna and to spend the night getting to know him. They walk around Vienna talking until the next day when they depart.

Sounds boring, But it really isn’t.


A lot of people feel this. I loved it, loved every scene. The two sequels are very good too.

Their chemistry is amazing.


The sequel is even better, I think. Not so convinced by the third in the trilogy.


Tell No One.
A French thriller, with subtitles.
It won a few awards and has a brilliant twist at the end.
Everything about it is good, great story and acting, as well as the way it was filmed and directed.
Michael Caine said it is one of his favourite films.


7 amazing minutes.


Two Lives (Zwei Leben) - 2012

A German lawyer arrives in Norway to talk to Norwegian victims of the Nazi Lebensborn programme (children born to Norwegian mothers by German fathers during the occupation were taken away from their families and sent to live in homes in Germany) which stokes up the secret past of one woman who escaped the GDR to Denmark in the sixties to find her mother who lives in Bergen, Norway.

One of those films on ‘Must watch German movies…’ lists that I’ve just ignored for a long while. Decent enough viewing.


Step Brothers

It’s an absolutely ridiculous film but never fails to make me laugh. The completely dysfunctional man-baby is an overdone comedy trope but imo this film is the very best example of it.


Seen the INFILTRATOR last night. Really good film with a top performance from Bryan Cranston in the lead role.
Based on a true undercover operation with the Colombian drugs cartel in the 80s.
Good paced film with plenty of tense moments that highlights all manor of low life and ruthless business brains involved in this corruption.
Even got a weird pervert called Ospina in it.


Re-watched a couple. Lola Rennt & Wild Strawberries.

Also…Watched this.

The Night Porter (1974)

A former Nazi concentration camp officer is working as a hotel manager in Vienna in 1957…About to face a trial to clear his name of any wrong doing during his time with the SS when a young female former inmate of his arrives at the hotel with her musician husband.

The inmate was tortured and was the victim of the officer’s sadomasochist fantasies during her time there…Those fantasies would play out again after their meeting in the hotel.

After reading a little about it I was expecting this to be shocking but apart from one flashback scene (inmate dancing naked while singing a German song and wearing a Nazi officer’s hat to a room full of officers) there wasn’t really anything particularly daring to it.


The Shooter.


Shooter with Mark Wahlberg? Enjoyable film. :slight_smile:

Colonel, Your moral compass is so fucked up, I’ll be shocked if you manage to find your way back to the parking lot.


Yep, such a great film. The end was amazing :smiley:


Rushmore (1998)

Jason Schwartzman plays 15 year old underachiever (but member of many, Many school clubs) Max Fischer who attends a posh private school on scholarship who falls in love with Miss Cross one of the teachers at his school. He becomes her assistant and friend in his pursuit to win her heart.

Also in the mix is middle-aged businessman Hermann Blume whom befriends Max but also ends up in love with the same Miss Cross…

Threads (1984)

A conflict in Iran spirals out of control during the 1980s and soon becomes all out war between the United States & the Soviet Union…Which then elevates to Nuclear War. The film takes place in the working class city of Sheffield in the North of England in the run up to nuclear war and eventually the aftermath as it’s people try whatever they can to survive.

A BBC television movie from the 80s. The story is told from a fictional docu-drama perspective.

Wow. This was quite shocking in it’s execution, Very graphic. It also won 7 BAFTAs. Not gonna lie, It shit me up a bit. :joy:


Nothing about Linklater is boring.


Complete waste of time as much as money. No substance, story or any acting ability worth a mention.
Wasnt expecting anything special but fuck me, not much to just have a semblance of understanding of the plot when l walked out.


Locke (2013)

Tom Hardy plays a Welshman driving from Northern England to London to be beside the woman he had a one night stand with who is having his baby. On the way he has various phone calls that change his life.

That’s it. Tom Hardy driving a BMW for 1hr 24mins talking on the phone to various people in his life.

Also rewatched

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

3 part mini-series about 5 German friends in 1941. They are 2 brothers who go to fight on the frontlines during Operation Barbarossa, Their Jewish friend Viktor, Their talented singer friend Greta and a lastly Charlotte, A nurse serving Germany in Russia.


How I slept on this film these last fifteen years I don’t know, but I finally watched A Beautiful Mind last night. Mad emotional but brilliant. Russell Crowe is stellar and looked so much younger I didn’t even recognise him for most of it.

Fucking watched The Conjuring 2 as well and that shit is fuuuuucked I would never watch shit like that alone.


The accountant 8/10
Enjoyable from start to finish.

Dr strange 7/10
Another hit for marvel films


Hacksaw Ridge

Awesome. Really good. Maybe some of the romantic scenes were a bit cliche but overall an awesome film.



The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009)

Noomi Rapace plays hacker Lisbeth Salander who aids a disgraced journalist in discovering what happened to a 16 year old girl from a rich family after she disappeared 4 decades earlier.

Watched it and quite enjoyed it. Not sure I’ll bother with the other two though.

Hotell (2013)

Alicia Vikander plays a woman who has recently given birth to a baby boy who during delivery suffered an injury which left the baby with some degree of brain damage. The woman falls into a state of depression and seeks help with a group of other mentally fragile people.

The Mouse That Roared (1959)

Peter Sellers stars in a comedy where he plays 3 characters (I’ve seen that somewhere before. :thinking:) A Queen, A Prime Minister and a soldier in the tiny fictional country of Grand Fenwick (smallest nation in the world) located somewhere in the French Alps. After a Californian wine company rips Fenwick’s wine label off causing Fenwick to go into financial ruin, The tiny nation decides to declare war on the US as “they are so forgiving to their enemies and pay them handsomely”, So they send their tiny army of 20 men to NYC thinking they will lose. They don’t. :joy:

Wasn’t that funny actually imo. But was ok.