What was the last film you watched?


Tried to watch a few masterpieces recently with mixed results:

The Conformist, beautifully shot but slipped into a coma, didn’t make it beyond thirty minutes before I had to give up; one of those films you need to pretend to like to be proper intellectual.

Salo, One of the most controversial films ever made, but pretty bland by today’s standards. I rate Pasolini, but it’s so obvious what’s going to happen next that I eventually grew bored and turned it off.

The Master, beautifully acted pointlessness. Utterly overrated.

Irreversible, the most controversial and detested part, i.e. the rape scene I thought was brilliant, but honestly I couldn’t stand the massively French pseudo intellectual dialogue about sex, way worse than the violence, and impossible to get beyond, had to turn it off. Seriously, who has a conversation about orgasms on a packed metro at the top of their voices for about 15 minutes next to children? I guess the French. Decent film apart from that.

Swimming Pool, loved most of it, found it complex and engrossing until the last third when it decided to stop being a character study and something totally different. Rubbish ending.

The Devils, thank fuck for Oliver Reed. This film is brilliant.


That’s it The Devils is going on my must watch list now.


Black panther.

Was amazing. Top5 MCU film


The Trial (1962)

An office worker wakes up in his rented room one day only to see the police rummaging around his and his young female neighbour’s rooms. They do not tell the man why they are there, only that he’s under arrest. A trial is to follow but he’s never informed of the charges that he’s been arrested for.

An Orson Welles directed adaptation of a Kafka novel.

Went into this expecting a courtroom film. What I got was 110% weird brillance. :joy: