What was the last film you watched?


Oh it’s sexist for sure, it’s like a male fantasy film where the women are concerned. But I don’t take it too seriously, afterall nothing in the film is realistic - I mean in what other universe could Kris Marshall visit Wisconsin and have a “fivesome” with 4 really hot girls?! Obviously it’s not really a “masterpiece” but it’s fun with relatively happy endings and it’s very easy to watch - which is perfect when you’re just lazing around and not really concentrating.


Get Out (2017)

Very good. Took a while to get into the story but worth a worth!


Assassins Creed 7/10
5 mins of rogue one(just wasnt in mood to watch it all after watching AC)…
Patriots day… Was good thought Supergirl played the wife well… Once you get past Walhberg, its a good account of what went on…


The Edge of Seventeen

Liked it! 8/10


The Drop

Good film.


Anything with James Gandolfini is worth watching in my book, such a damned shame he died.

I like Tom Hardy a lot too, he’s just one of those actors who ooze charisma.


Tom Hardy is definitely one of my favourite current actors.

And James Gandolfini is great. I’m going to get around to watching The Sopranos one day. I know I’m missing out.


This looks absolutely perfect:


Seeking a Friend For The End of The World (2012)
Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Seen them both before. Decent watches. :+1:

P.S. Love Actually is quality.


The Bourne Identity (2002)

Pretty much everyone knows what this is by now so I won’t write aught.

First time I’ve seen it. Was a decent spy flick with an ending that seemed like it was designed to originally finish off there. Might watch the rest of the series at some point. James Bond >>>


Ghost in the Shell

Decent film, but my god Scarlett Johanssen is smoking hot.




Land of Mine or Under Sandet (2016/17)

A film about the treatment of German POWs, particularly teenagers, in Denmark in the months following Germany’s surrender.

An incredible film that is devastatingly painful.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II

I had a lot of fun, 8/10. Bit corny and over the top at times, but overall a good laugh and action/adventure.


The first of Dave Chappelle’s 2017 specials for Netflix. It was kind of meh in my opinion, but maybe I’m being unfair and kind of subconsciously comparing the show to him in his heyday. Killin’ Them Softly is one of the greatest stand up shows of all time imo


Guardians of the galaxy vol2 - 8/10 on par with the first one but with more humour.
The Belko experiment - 7/10 didn’t know what to expect as it was a last minute picked for me and the misses.
Beauty &a the beast 6/10 not a bad remake but the cgi is awful which is a shame considering how good the cgi was for the jungle book. Also wasn’t keen on emma Watson or Luke evens in their roles.
Smurfs the lost village 6/10 miles better then the last two smurf films.
Power rangers 8/10


Split… 3 girls kidnapped by 23 different personalities(although you dont meet them all) in one persons mind,With a 24th on the way… McAvoy does ok but Its the ending that will get you talking/thinking.



  • 2/10 one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long while, I guess you’d have to be a big fan of the franchise to enjoy this. Nothing to it whatsoever apart from average CGI


  • 8/10 watching this again in advance of Alien: Covenant. Very smart film indeed, Ridley Scott mixes mythology and religion. Some people didn’t get this film because they don’t appreciate how prequels can work

Steve Jobs

  • 8/10 really likes this too, Fassbender is just an amazing actor. Explores Steve Jobs’ relationships through three key acts in his working life


Prometheus is excellent, its even better with a repeat viewing I think. Most of its critics were expecting a new alien film with it but it was much more nuanced which I thought was a great thing but it threw alot of people off.


I finally got round to watching Birdman last night and I thought it was brilliant. I’m not sure if the filming technique will seem gimmicky in years to come or if it’ll be seen as innovative and influential, or just unique but not something that’s mimicked, but I loved the way it gave the appearance of being shot in one take.

Michael Keaton, Ed Norton and Emma Stone were great in it too imo