What was the last film you watched?


Have you seen Bang Boom Bang? If so, do the gags even remotely work?


Is that one that is set around some kind of industrial estate with rough looking people? If so, I don’t think I finished it.

I have noticed though, that sometimes jokes/references get changed in translation to suit the English speaker.


Can still quote basically every sentence. :joy:



I loved this film. I work in the equivalent agency in Ireland and there are those who would have us go the way the UK system is. I advised some of them to watch this film as a warning of what that would actually mean to people.


I find myself going back to IMDB after a good/bad/mildly interesting film only to remember the message boards are gone.


I use a platform called ‘Letterboxd’ to keep a log of all the films I see and reviews; great discussion and some top reviewers on there.



Logan 9/10
Best superhero film I have ever seen.great performance from jackman,Stewart had not to have a tear in my eye watching this film.


Patriots day= Found this to be so much better than I thought.
Highlights some brilliant stories of individuals involved on that horrific day of the Boston marathon.
Police work in pursuit of the 2 bombers is excellent and brave in equal measure.
Found it to be uplifting and moving by just dealing in fact. The finale of the film with the survivors is emotional and leaves you with a good feeling.
Wish this had never taken place but at least we have a film that captures the legacy of a City standing together and basically making the losers actions look totally futile no matter how sad.


I’m not a Star Wars fanatic and this is probably an unpopular opinion but I just watched Rouge One and I think it’s my favorite Star Wars of any.


Me too. I think it’s because the ending is so satisfying.


Yeh the ending blew me away, Star Wars has always been a little too childish for my tastes but that film tried to make a transfusion to suit older audiences that aren’t just obsessed with nostalgia.


Love Actually. I can’t believe they’re making a sequel to this.

Surely they’re all too famous to go back to this now.


They’re not.

It’s only for comic relief tomorrow. Not a proper full length film!


And thank God, because Love Actually was a massive steaming pile of shit.


Resident Evil The Final Chapter.

Watched this the other day but shouldnt have bothered. Its probably just a nostalgia thing due to playing the game series as a kid.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.
It is one of the cringiest films I have ever seen.


What are you all talking about?! Love Actually Is a masterpiece. Some mulled wine while watching Love Actually is something of a Christmas tradition now :grin:


^ this. It’s a good background film while you nap.


Why is it a masterpiece?

It’s not even particularly romantic because the attitudes towards women displayed in the film are just retrograde. I just can’t see the appeal in it at all.