What is the outlook for this season?


Wenger is a cunt for the way he set us up in the first month of the season. Hate the way he treats the first few gameweeks as opportunities for bullshit experiments. Rests half the fucking first team and plays a bunch of fullbacks in the back 3. We could have had a much better start to the season than this wanker allowed us to have. Hatred for him only grows every year he decides to stay on.


What annoys me soooooooo much with it too is every single FUCKING YEAR, its the same story the fucking season starts and we have multiple shit games then wenger comes out with ‘we arent ready because of …’ what in the fuck were you doing preseason? We are never fucking ready, whether it is he hasnt got all the signings he needs yet or the preseason friendlies took their toll or some main players have not had a preseason or whatever the fuck else he comes up with. Why is it that every other cunting EPL team can get their shit together but arsenal somehow can never do it, not once in a while either every goddamn season.


Sigh… I had hoped that the team would finish on the optimistic end of predictions, not @Robin_L that was spot on.

The away form is just a clown show.


I don’t care that I’m wrong. In August, i’m yet again going to predict us to have a good season, with a top 4 finish. That’s how I roll :sunglasses:


We lost to Stoke and Liverpool, drawed against Chelsea. That is pretty much how we performed against said teams in former seasons in away games.


Don’t get me wrong. Your gruff demeanor is perfectly OK with me. I knew this season would be worse than last season. And I think next season will be slightly better, but until Wenger leaves… we’re not going to accomplish much of anything. I’m still holding out hope for Europa League so we can play CL next year, but not much hope.