What are you watching?


Apprentice final spoiler below:

Wow! What a twist did not expect Sugar to hire them both. First time in Apprentice history!


Finally got around to watching Better Call Saul. Watched it at every possible opportunity and caned through 3 seasons in no time at all. Bob Odenkirk portrays Jimmy McGill absolutely perfectly. Love how it starts to tie into Breaking Bad as the show progresses. Big shout out to the guy who plays Mike Ermentraut (sp?) who is also fantastic throughout.


Celebs Go Dating on E4.

Really got into it since it started on Sunday. Great cast in it


It’s so good. Glad to hear it holds up to a binge watch because I’ll definitely be doing that at some point! :slight_smile:


Hunted final episode spolier below:

Go on Bob and Alex!! Legends so glad they beat the hunters. Well deserved


I had a tear in my eye when they got to the extraction place


This show is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine

Tom Holland is actually sick :joy:


La casa de papel, quality series.


I thought in that Hunted final episode, this series the extraction point was fairly advantageous to the hunted, whereas other ones have benefited the hunters

I.e numerous docks, large amount of woodland cover, very rural etc plus the bad weather aided them. Normally they fix it and help the hunters so that they ‘nearly’ catch them but this time they really didn’t stand much of a chance


Have fully watched Ozark and Everything Sucks on Netflix in recent days. Highly recommend both. Always been a fan of Jason Bateman, He’s truly superb in Ozark.


Chain of Command series featured on Nat Geo. It’s a very interesting overview of the US armed forces efforts to counter radical Islamists in hotbed areas.

Very well done Doc imo


New season of Arrested Development coming as well :smiley:


Third Rock From the Sun. Watched it initially in the late 90’s when it was new, but had forgotten just how hilarious it was. It really is a great sitcom and still holds up pretty well nearly 20 years on. It’s on Amazon Prime tv for free, I’d definitely recommend it for binge watching.


Been watching The Young Pope, absolutely love it. Don’t know why I didn’t watch it before since I enjoyed Paulo Sorrentino’s work on The Great Beauty and Le Conseguenze dell’amore but it’s the first series that’s been able to really hold my attention and enthuse me since the new season of Twin Peaks.


Cunk on Britain.

“It’s all in black and white and looks a bit like Charlie Chaplin but it’s actually not funny at all so you can’t laugh, just like with Charlie Chaplin”

What a bitch. :open_mouth:

“The newly invented cinema which was like a cross between Youtube and the theatre showed Charlie Chaplin films but even that couldn’t keep them away”

Bitch went in twice. :bellerin:


Line of Duty

Just finished season one and think it’s excellent. Love the theme tune as well. Big fan of conspiratorial type crime shows.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Have no idea why I’ve slept on this show for so long. Cracked through 2 seasons in no time at all and got like 10 more to go. Charlie Day and Danny Devito in particular are brilliant.


Lost in Space (2018)

6 episodes into the first 10. Really binged it this week. It’s about a human colony seeking emmigration to a new galaxy from a dying Earth, but crashing unexpectedly on an Alien planet en route. Liking it so far.


God damn


Is it worth it? I love love sci fi but find a lot of it to be poor. The expanse is amazing and the Orville is too.

Dark Matter is decent as well.


I like it so far. Some of the scenery is amazing. Good concept as well but has its dumb moments like ‘why would you do that’. Worth a watch for sure.

Expanse and Altered Carbon are next for me. Not heard of Dark Matter…any good?