What are you watching?


Not much in terms of guy candy though… aside from Dennis Wise of course


Loooool Kezia Dugdale is on it :arteta:


I seen that this afternoon :joy::joy: WTF


Haha yeah there’s a few with football affiliation, I’d like to see how Vardy’s wife does. Always been a meh show for eye candy


I reckon, because of the “WAG” title, Rebekah Vardy will get voted to do a few tasks. She seems alright though.


She told him not to go to Arsenal, so she can eat 100 kangaroo dicks.


Shame that rumour of big Sam going on I’m a Celeb wasn’t true. Missed opportunity to see him under the shower :nauseated_face:




NSFL, fuck…


Not Safe For Life?

if it is :joy:



Agents of SHIELD is back and more interesting than ever.


Mindhunter. Mindhunter is brilliant.


Mindhunter is really good, agreed. Everything about it is really great.


The Orville is pretty good, Seth Mcfarlands take on star trek. It’s been funny and dramatic, not bad.


I agree the Orville is a great show

Sci fi shows have been lacking for years but Star Trek discovery l, Orville and red dwarf all out this year and have have been fantastic.


Completely forgot about the 5th season :facepalm: I got to get my mind right.


Final episode of Detectorists. Pure understated comedic brilliance, I’ll miss it.


I forgot this started. Was it has good as the previous series?


It was really enjoyable, so definitely worth a watch. But I liked the previous 2 series more. Final episode is a proper good’un though.