What are you watching on TV?


After all the hype, ive Just finished watching stranger things and my question is, whats all the hype about? Better programes have been cancelled.


The Blacklist…not Dembe?? I know he was upset…
And the spin off has just started…
The Blacklist :Redemption


Sun records… If you like your music history with a touch of drama, then this looks good…
Shame they cancelled vynil…
Sun Records


I wasn’t a fan of Vinyl. I really wanted to like it, and the first episode was decent but it never really took off. I thought it was very self-indulgent and it became quite dull and a chore to watch in the end. It also didn’t help that Mick Jagger’s son is an awful actor. I wonder how he got a main part in a TV series produced by his dad…

I’m going to give Sun Records a go though. Hopefully it fares better :slight_smile:


Vynil was hit and miss some really good episodes some not so good, but the music was good and the killing of the radio fella was hilarious. Although you shouldnt really laugh at death…


Power Rangers on twitch… It’s perfect to have it running in the second monitor while doing different stuff.


Iron fist :facepunch:


Wait… wut?! I dont think we get it until March 21!


All on netflix now in uk…


Vera Lynn: Happy 100th Birthday…


Finished iron fist… Nurse Clare gets around…


Oasis amazon pilot.


Legion… Started watching again, it’s one of those you need a few episodes to watch on the trot…
Good though…


The Night Of


I really like Legion, may be an acquired taste for some and a little cerebral but it also has some action sprinkled in also.

Just finished Iron Fist which wasn’t as bad as some reviews would suggest, definitely needs some adjustments for season two though.


Uh… Don’t know why that last comment posted here. Was supposed to be in the matchday thread. Probably my fault.

But since I’m here. I’ve been watching Iron Fist. It’s not nearly as good as the other 3 Marvel shows on Netflix. But it’s still pretty good. Wenham does a fantastic job as Harold Meachum. And you get to see old characters in a brand new light. It’s pretty cool.


You’re actually the fourth person who’s said Iron Fist is nowhere near as bad as the reviews suggest. I might give it a go.


Iron Fist does its job, the lead up to the Defenders…But still stands up on its own…As you say a few tweeks needed, but i thought Daredevil started the same but its second series killed it… So with iron fist the groundwork has been laid and the finale has set it up for series 2 and the Defenders…


Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective agency is well worth a watch.

Also if anyone liked The Good Wife it’s spin off The Good Fight shows a bit of promise a half dozen episodes in.


Season 2 the leftovers…