What are you listening to right now?


Now thats the way to start the new year. Well in Mysty.


I respond with Lemmy. More than one year has passed since his death :frowning:



Still part of our lives Luca. Always will be too. Metal is 50 percent music. 50 percent attitude.
Love that track, album, band and the man. Keep the faith my friend.


Love this.










The King is back. With two absolute bangers aswell!


Ive just bought a new piano. Playing in public like this is a weird dream. Anyone into this sort of music?


a welsh band that followed me on instagram


Elvis Presley is The King. I don’t know wtf you’d call Ed Sheeran but it certainly isn’t that haha


The Ging.




This might be controversial, but this always annoys me. Who decided Elvis was the king? Someone 50/60 years ago? Music has moved on, a lot of better acts have come along. I like a lot of old music too so I’m not being super modern, but I have just never thought his music was anything special. I’m happy to campaign for Ed Sheeran to be the new king :poldi:


Rip Ragnor Lothbrok. :snake::snake::snake::snake: