What are you listening to right now?



I don’t normally mix online with real life (could delete this post in a few hours I suppose :wink:) but these guys really deserve it.

Please give this a listen- California FM by Elephant Radio. They’re a good and very talented bunch of lads.

And most importantly when we were in the studio mixing the tracks, the drummer turned up in an Arsenal shirt! Went up in my estimations immediately.

Would love to know what you think of it.


I like it.
Good harmonies on the vocals and well written songs.
Black Sugar was the stand out track, nice guitar solo as well.
What’s your involvement with the band?
Are you the producer?


Cheers for that. Glad you said that about Black Sugar- my thoughts exactly.

I’m co-director of a general sales/ marketing company- due to a love of music and the way the music industry has changed we decided to focus on live music- was supposed to be a bit of fun but it turns out there’s always a bit of drama working with musicians!

We usually just handle promotion and bookings for bands and session players but in this case we got involved with the production too- they’re young lads and needed some direction/ business advice. Also my business partner has worked with some top names (Elton John for one) so he knows his way around a studio and has an amazing ear. My musical talent is more, let’s say, limited, but I enjoy playing a bit and know enough not to make a complete tit of myself!


Different from the Blues/Rock stuff that I usually post here, nothing better than quality House tunes to get the party started


Childish Gambino “Awaken, My Love!”

Such a good album, not at all what I’d have expected from him having known him to musically be a rapper. Shades of early Prince, Parliament Funkadelic shit with a hint of NERD thrown in.

Donald Glover is pretty fucking talented.


Mental video.




The drumming is these two songs is EXCEPTIONAL.