What are you listening to right now?


two names? Throughout the entire music industry there are people that have publicly slated him.

Google it if you don’t believe me. Even Obama referred to him as a jackass.


Was I supposed to come up with a list? :arteta:
I said, off the top of my head, and mentioned the most universally acclaimed rapper by far right now and another who is right up there.

I know, I mentioned this in my post. [quote=“Oliver, post:324, topic:128”]
Even Obama referred to him as a jackass.

Yes, and quite rightly. This I also mentioned in my post :slight_smile:


Who gives a shit… Play some fucking music, debate this shit on the other thread. I thank you…


We can’t talk about music in the ‘What are you listening to right now’ thread? :eyes:


Not when you have a dedicated thread to this type of shit wont even call it music… Anyway no need to reply…said my piece…


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of discussion every now and then, it makes a nice change from you spamming the thread :smile:


Kanye the best musician of all time!!!:arteta: That’s brilliant. I needed a laugh today!

I must look out for his Jazz bootlegs!

IMO people are blinkered by genre when deciding what they like. For me, a true musician is a student of the art, taking elements from any style to blend something unique. As a Prince fan from an early age, I took it for granted that on just one album, one track could be inspired by Rock, the next Jazz, then Funk, Hip-hop and so on…Soul, Blues, Reggae etc etc. The trouble now is that artists find their niche and tend to stick to them- the ‘if it ain’t broken’ thing I suppose. For new artists it is incredibly difficult to experiment due to the way music is now released- that said, I believe it’s the responsibility of those artists who have financial security to push the boundaries…but most don’t bother.

I love all the old experimental studio stuff from the 60’s and 70’s (which ultimately led to psychedelic and prog styles) where bands literally created new sounds. Effects like chorus, phasers, tape delays and echoes were all the result of a crazy studio engineers breaking the rules. Distortion was originally made by slashing amplifier speaker cones with razor blades. Flangers get their name because the modulation effect was created by touching the ‘flange’ of the tape reels to momentarily change the speed. That’s the sort of creativity I appreciate. Of course these days you just fire up Pro-Tools and select a plugin. Not quite the same is it.

To be considered among the greatest musicians of all time I believe you have to have thoroughly explored ‘music’, not just a segment of it. And it helps being able to actually play some instruments too.




[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:311, topic:128”]
Kanye West–the best musician of our time

No wonder you won the Troll award with comments like that Spanish Brian.


Fuck you! Time for some proper music.


new actress :welbeck:



It’s pretty clear you don’t listen to him tbf…he includes a lot of jazz elements (has also been credited with opening the way for people like Kendrick on this front), and funk, and especially soul, and blues…his music is much less rap than a mix of ‘black music’ styles.

I think the stuff you mention about people being blinkered by what genre deciding what they like are precisely the people who tend to never really listen to Kanye or give him a chance, especially as she’s a cunt in public that why the fuck would you.

He’s also, for a rap artist, quite experimental, and his last two albums have included a lot of experimentation, especially Yeezus which stole a lot from industrial music (think it was called by critics ‘Industrial Rap’), and, well, like most of his albums, couldn’t really be characterised as a rap album at all. Lou Reed wrote this very nice review about it: http://www.talkhouse.com/lou-reed-of-the-velvet-underground-talks-kanye-wests-yeezus/ I was reaing a deent article that was sent to me the other day about 25 songs that tellus where music is going (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/09/magazine/25-songs-that-tell-us-where-music-is-going.html?emc=eta1), one of the songs from Kanye’s last album was on it and had this caption: “What would black music sound like in an alternate universe?”

The bits about where the music comes from, I won’t touch really, because I think it’s an outdated attitude and outlook. Making music nowadays may be easier in some respects but having more options and tools at your disposal also makes it hard in someways, as talent rests in using those tools in innovative ways, combining them in innovative ways, and in general: in the work itself. I hear this kind of thing a lot–it’s something my mom used to say when I was growing up and I put on any music with samples–and tbh it sounds to me kinda like saying of a new novel, ah, it’s not as good because it wasn’t wrote using a pen and paper or even a typewriter, etc. etc.


You make some interesting points but to be clear I wasn’t saying that Kanye isn’t a talented hip- hop/ r+b producer. Merely that he’s miles off making the best musician of all time list. Mainly because he’s not really a musician in the truest sense of the word. Yep, I just said that.


This article is a bit nerdy but explains his studio processes and techniques- I’m into this stuff so I really enjoyed reading up- cheers for the excuse. The key is that he’s a producer, albeit a very talented one. He uses other people to actually play the music and mix the tracks. A quote from the article- “Kanye’s a knob-turner — he knows what he’s looking for and even though he doesn’t necessarily know how to get there, he stays at it until he does.”

Fair enough but in comparison to say…Prince…(completely off the top of my head!) someone who, like him or not, definitely does make the G(M)OAT list that’s a pretty basic process. On the whole Prince composed each and every track in his head and recorded them in one day, playing all the instrument (except horns) then mixing and mastering the tracks. For me that’s more musical than knob twiddling…so to speak! I’m not saying one is better than the other, well, I pretty much am actually, but when we’re talking about pure musicianship there’s no contest.

Lastly, you may have misinterpreted what I said about experimenting with technology, probably because I didn’t explain it very well at all. Firstly, I’m not some dinosaur harking back to analogue glory days. Like Kanye, I use Pro-Tools, (well actually I use Logic at home, which accounts for most of my personal recording) so I know the advantages of using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). I didn’t say that making music is easier now, but it is undoubtedly easier to record and produce. It’s great being able to dial in any effect instantly and lay down 300 tracks if you want, but IMO something gets lost when you have the option (safety net??) to change anything at any time. So much music these days is way overproduced for me. I like to hear tracks with personality and spontaneity. I like to hear ‘imperfections’ as some would call them- it makes the listening experience more intimate and personal- an auditory snapshot in time perhaps.

I’ll stop now because I could go on for quite a while and get even more boring, but as I say, that’s just me. It takes all sorts- I mean how else can you explain spurs fans.


An example of the above.

From memory the drums, horns and strings are all Logic software instruments but used a Nord C2D for the keys/ organ. Anyway, it’s a bit sloppy in places (in a good way IMO) and a has a nice vintage groove to it. Vocals were performed by a 17 year old opera student!

I did a couple of guitar and bass tracks for this one- not sure whether they made it onto the release version- probably not as I didn’t get a credit! I’ll have words though!



Love this song. Never been into video in music till this. To know this mans dying whilst recording it is so powerful and emotive imo.