What are you listening to right now?


Absolute 80s in work on the radio. Want someone to napalm the fucking station. Cunt of a week this has been.



Cup theme…


New Frank Ocean



The neighbours on the piss being boring as fuck, no fires, no fights… Nothing! Some bird was spewing her ring up earlier but that’s about it.


Riot Act-Skid Row



btw @CunningLinguist what you got against the weeknd? I haven’t listened to his new shit cause I saw it got really bad reviews, but House of Balloons is some quality new age R&B…

Hates on The Weeknd, Kanye West–the best musician of our time–rap music in general…hmm, I’m starting to notice a trend… :santi2:. @Luca_from_Italy you pick it up from here.


Nas & AZ - The Season

It’s actually just a Nas track that AZ did a remix on.


Only Rock, Punk and Metal for me. The music you have just listed can go and fuck themselves :stuck_out_tongue:



excuse me but Kanye West is NOT the best musician of our time.


Who is then? People talk about Kanye like he is not one of the best producers in the mondern age, not just hip hop but all forms of music

Kanye west has made the music behind so many songs you love but have no idea he made the beat for


Absolutely a great producer but my issue with Kanye is his lyrical regression. I find it quite difficult to listen to him recently (mainly the last two albums) because of how corny his lyrics have become, almost like he’s not putting the effort into his writing anymore.

Truly believe he just doesn’t care as much as he once did when music was #1 for him, he’s releasing music he damn well knows is nothing compared to his previous work, at times poor even, knowing a lot of his hardcore fans will buy it regardless (though, I’m seeing a lot of his hardcore’s express their worries regarding his most recent releases on Kanyetothe.com forums).

J Cole’s first verse in this aimed at Kanye is good btw.


Having just looked at a list of songs/albums produced by Kanye West, mainly for acts like Jay-Z, Drake and Rihanna, I can confirm he is not behind any music I love.

He isn’t the the best musician of our time. I appreciate he has a talent though, but it’s just not for me.


his fans buy into his hype. but tbh i think his lyrics are pretty average and his live shows range anywhere from fucking awful to sort of alright.


Deserves credit for his live shows imo, he shows a lot more creativity & effort with his stage production than the average musician does, standing in the middle of the stage with a mic stand.

He earned his hype though, accomplished producer and released a couple of great albums, just his recent work is shit.


Kanye suffers from delusions of grandeur, he also has no money. I think there’s like 2 songs of his on my playlist and one of them I don’t even fucking really like that much. One can only assume it’s similar to having shit forced into your ear holes. He will never be Jay-Z.


remember when he played n’s in paris about 10 times in a row, live? the guy is universaly hated in his own industry ffs.

Grestest of a generation is absurd.


I don’t really agree, Yeezus and The Life of Pablo (though yeah, there are a couple lines–I think I quoted them on this forum when the album first came out, cause they are really amazingly terrible lol–on Life of Pablo that are terrible…though tbh, you can find a number of really shit lines in all of his albums I think…tbh I don’t understand people who put an excessive emphasis on lyrics, not saying they’re not a factor but especially with a rapper like him who is more a producer than anything, it’s not something I really care too much about…if I want lyrical genius I go to other types of music anyways) are fine albums. Both show a willingness and desire to try new things. Yeezus in particularly has a couple songs that for me are as good as any on his catalogue. Life of Pablo also has an interesting tone and style for me. In short, I think they’re both good, just maybe not for traditional rap fans who have closed-minded ideas about what rap should be (not talking about you, just referring to the people who typically dislike Kanye within the rap community).

Yeah that’s just not true. There’s a number of important rappers who openly idolize him. Off the top of my head Kendrick has admitted a major influence on him, and Chance the Rapper obviously. Who also happen to be two of the best acts going right now.

For the record, I made that comment tongue and cheek, which I think is clear within the tone of the post. That said, yeah, he’s certainly up there in the top 3 or so, and I probably would put him 1. Absolutely ridiculous human being–think he once admitted to never reading a book and saying he didn’t see the point or some shit like that–but he has a clear gift for production and writing and has made some of the most interesting music of our generation, in a style that is very much his own. People get the two things mixed up, IMO (the talent and the cuntiness, I mean).