What are you listening to right now?


It’s lyrics from one of the most important hip hop songs ever made that I was quoting dickhead


Have you changed your views on Elvis (8)?
I never personally had something against Elvis. But the American way of putting him up as the King and the great icon is disturbing. You can’t ignore black history. Now they’ve trained people to ignore all other history – they come over with this homogenised crap. So, Elvis was just the fall guy in my lyrics for all of that. It was nothing personal – believe me.

OK, but you were right about John Wayne (9).
I was right about John Wayne. Fuck him.


On the radio…
Lying eyes - The Eagles


Why all the hate kaner? Dickhead is a little harsh. :blush:


On the radio still.
Trouble ’ coldplay


Really? Smart arse then





:smile: it was gentle mockery among chums.


memories of Cannons, pre cashbowl…



now listening to this album.
1.Halsey - Castle (4:37)
2.Halsey - Hold Me Down (3:24)
3.Halsey - New Americana (3:03)

4.Halsey - Drive (4:18)
5.Halsey - Hurricane (3:43)
6.Halsey - Roman Holiday (3:21)
7.Halsey - Ghost (2:33)
8.Halsey - Colors (4:09)
9.Halsey - Colors pt. II (1:36)
10.Halsey - Strange Love (4:07)
11.Halsey - Coming Down (3:43)
12.Halsey - Haunting (4:20)
13.Halsey - Gasoline (3:19)
14.Halsey - Control (3:34)
15.Halsey - Young God (3:00)
16.Halsey - I Walk The Line (2:45)



My mates god father Andy owns the cannons, I used to be in their quite a lot back in the day



Midsummer murders.


The missus shaving of her moustache Len, dentist tomorrow and I don’t want the dentist to be scared .



Fookin brill one Ash. Love that one mate.


I got her one of those pug puppies for her birthday last week .
Despite the smelly breath , stubby nose , bulging eyes and the rolls of fat the puppy seems to like her :slight_smile: