West Ham United Thread


They got the larger capacity they couldn’t get at Upton Park, but it’s come at a cost. At least when we moved the club made sure it’s one of the best modern grounds for viewing.

You’d be feeling pretty pissed right now if you’re a West Ham fan. Though it’s hardly a surprise I guess moving to a place that still accomodates track and field. What are they going to do with the old ground anyways?


You get what you pay for heheheh.


I hope players take the piss & opt for long run ups for corners & throw ins.


As if it wasn’t bad enough Bournemouth fans chanting at them “Is this the Emirates?”, another problem arises.



I love a rant when it’s not an Arsenal rant. :arteta:

“Astra fackin’ goo-goo.” Lol.


LOOOOOL fuckin hell


They got knocked out by the same team for the second year in a row. Astra are their Barcelona :coq::poldi:



''Valencia - why havent we fuckked him off to China or Syria or whatever ‘’ :joy:


Lasts season they were cheering getting knocked out the Europa league qualifiers so they could concentrate on the league. This is what they deserve.


West Ham continue this miserable start to life at the Olympic Stadium with another defeat. Certainly not medal worthy performances.


Season has started pretty disastrously for them given the excitement with the move to the new stadium etc.


Jesus, who is this guy and why haven’t i found him before :joy:

MIles better than the turds on Arsenal Fan TV

That guy is comedy gold.

Astra Goo Goo, bunch of Romanian farmers :joy:


Hey so when is Bilic taking over for Arsene? I remember a lot of oa football experts calling for him to be our next manager :joy:


West Ham the latest club to find out the price you pay for moving to a bowl, Shit atmosphere, enforced seating, heavy stewarding etc.


Feel free to quote anyone who has said so… I’m myself interested to know who it was.


I feel like I remember words pretty much to that effect too. Not personally gonna try and go through the archives to find something along those lines though.


Very desperate choice if true then.


As they are not used to be in this position, they may really get relegated this season. Not the first “too good to get relegated” team to suffer from it.


West Ham are bad because is the effect of choices maked much big than them. A small club like West Ham can’t think to change stadium and identity to improve, because a club like Arsenal made this decision when there were solid bases like a great manager, great players, a great fanbase and a great board capable to manage the money.

The future scenario for me is: Bilic sacked and Di Canio on the bench.