West Ham United Thread


Greedy owners, making empty promises while making massive profits.
It doesn’t help when they sell their best players without replacing them and then lose, at home, 3-0 to Burnley.


No as good as AFTV :mustafi:.

Apart from joke, i do feel their pain. When the club just don’t care it’s bloody awful.


Its the West Ham way. Happy hammers and all that bollocks. Fuck them.


I love Dom and Nicky, a great double act :sunglasses: Need their own show. Nicky’s deadpan expression while Dom’s ranting away cracks me up for some reason, every time :smile:

West Ham staying up, a bigger fackin miracle than the big fackin bang! I just can’t take no more Nicky


What a fucking stadium, where 500 people can actually go and protest in front of the director’s box during a game :joy: