West Ham United Thread


The usual suspect is here.


Massive debate about discrimination going on and luca drops a pic of a bottle of salsa curry :joy::joy:


It’s just @Trion.


Yes but it wasn’t just words, he was explaining a policy of his/the clubs, which is an action.

Sometimes you really can be a fucking idiot


It wasn’t really though.
As he himself said, they already had 3 Africans in the team.

It wasn’t like a blanket ban.


And as he himself said, they didn’t want to sign any more Africans. Obviously they already had some lol

With every post you make yourself sound more stupid. Like Tony Henry you should just stop digging at this point.


You are unwilling to take into consideration that good chance he just made a stupid statement rather than there being an actual plan to it.

And as I said before, why is only him who is getting sacked if sacking is the answer.
Surely whole bunch of recruitment team should get fired if that’s how they were conducting business.
FA should look into it.


And why are you being such a racist??


I thought you weren’t sensitive to words over there, just actions.


He sent an email to an agent saying he didn’t want any more Africans, and then admitted saying similar to other agents too. And then there’s the interview with the press.

So it wasn’t just one stupid statement in an interview, it is something he repeated several times, illustrating that it was his plan or policy.

You haven’t even done any basic reading into what happened and are making ill informed comments as a result, and continually making yourself sound like an idiot with each post. Just stop.


I am kidding.

Anyway, I guess I am lot more accomodating to people saying stupid stuffs; but I can also see where you guys are coming from.

Still don’t see it as a sackable offence.


One thing I might agree with you on, is that I’m not convinced it stops solely with him and I could believe that people higher up were aware.

I also did know you were joking with the last comment lol, so was I with the response