Video technology (VAR) in football


It’s hard to implement in a sport that is free flowing with a lack of “natural” stoppages compared to other sports that use video replay. However, given the pretty shoddy officiating at times, it’s worth a look to help get calls right that effect game outcomes. Perhaps, a video replay within the stadium of what the ref is looking at might help the fans understand what is going on.

Any good reason that another official on the pitch hasn’t been tried? Or if it has in a top flight league I’d be curious as to why it stopped.

Game moves too fast for even the best refs at times. Another official on the pitch and not just on the sidelines could help immensely.


Why not have 4 linesmen instead? More eyes and both have to agree it’s offside. Two main referees is imo a bad idea because they would probably have two different tolerance levels.


Well we’ve had those 2 useless buffoons behind both goals in the cl for a while now. To my mind, they have been effective once, the rest never being a factor in any decision.

More officials just mean more undertrained idiots with preconceived bias.

A robot won’t stop fouls against us from being called because ‘we don’t like it up em’


That would even out over a game though. :sunglasses:


Adding more refs to the game sounds like a suggestion Trump would make.


VAR will be fine. There were always going to be teething problems.


3 games a day for ten days or so during the world cup. Thats likely to be a lot of reviews imo and be a turn off for a lot of fans. Going to sink imo in Russia.


VAR would have given us a penalty today.

One of the most stonewallers I have seen, but ref didn’t have video to look at so not given.


So hold on. There’s been VAR in league matches but not ours today?


no, just saying if the league had already implemented VAR, we could have got a pen.

what @shamrockgooner said basically.


I’m confused now tbh


He’s just annoyed var isn’t in the PL basically.


I thought there had been some PL games with it?

That’s the source of my confusion lol


Nope, none. Has only been used in the league and FA Cup as far as I’m aware.