UK General Election announced for 8th June



Just got approached by two people wearing blue rosettes wanting to talk about my voting intentions. It wasn’t a particularly long conversation haha


Out of curiosity do the Cons have a chance in your constituency?


I’m not sure about the basis for this sites prediction about it going Tory (not saying that in a sceptical way), but yeah I’m fairly concerned and have been for a while.

You purely asking out of curiosity or am I about to get stick for not talking to the canvassers for longer? :smile:

What’s the situ in your constituency?


UKIP be like

(I dunno why the pic didn’t quote :rage:)


Purely out of curiosity mate. Although they’re a bit annoying I respect canvassers for being part key of the democratic process in interacting with the electorate. I like people who are passionate about they believe in. I don’t talk to canvassers of any party tbh

Although I really like the Conservative candidate I get the sense that he’s looking to boost his position in the party. I’ll be very disappointed when Tom Brake is voted out, I always thought he was a great MP who actually care about the local area. I’ve had many interactions with him over the years when I was in Secondary School and Sixth form.

I generally want the Lib Dems to hold steady in June hopefully.


Yeah I respect them too. I kept it completely polite, with a warm hello and a “have a nice day” at the end of the brief encounter. Just said to them that I vehemently disagree with lots of Tory policies and that my mind was firmly made up about who I’m voting for, and that theirs clearly were too as they were out knocking doors, so it would be a bit of a waste of our time to get into it.


It’s going to be close in my area…


Really not too far from where I live. I also get the feeling that a conservative majority will sweep the region (and country!).


What you should have done is tell him your voting Tory, then on election day they will definitely waste time going to knock on your door. Then on that day get the canvasser locked into a good, long, pointless conversation, and hope the Tories lose by a couple of votes. :wink:


All that talk of nationalisation is making me hard


I consider myself a New Labour, blairite scum kinda guy, but I must admit them policy ideas have struck a chord with me. I’m not so sure I’ll be convinced by the whole manifesto, but I’m enjoying the snippets.

Regardless, feels kinda tough to get excited about anything in this election campaign.


Oh god please nationalise the railways again. They are a fucking shambles in this country. The railway system in the UK has to be the worst of any first world national, it’s a fucking disgrace.

£200 for 2 open return tickets from Bath to Sheringham (in Norfolk) for me and my girlfriend and that was with young person railcards and it would have taken 6.5 hours.

It was only £20 more expensive to rent an automatic Nissan Qashqai and drive up there and then have the ability to travel around while we were there for the weekend.

Over 4 hours to get from Bristol to Cornwall. 6 hours from London to Cornwall. London to Pembrokeshire is similar.

Trains in this country are fucking dire and need nationalising ASAP. They’re so poorly run and so over-priced, I literally can’t believe how it.

That’s one policy that would make me vote Labour on its own.


I’m all for nationalisation of trains because they are so poorly run but having spent the past 2 years as a civil servant in government I don’t have much faith that anything government run is going to be smooth and efficient.


Some good policies tbh if they’re affordable.

And at least there’s differences now. A clear alternative to vote for if that’s what you really want. People have moaned since 2010 that they’re basically all the same.



FFS beat me to it :laughing:


You are my adversary when it comes to memes


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