UK General Election announced for 8th June


after 10 minutes of careful consideration i feel this would now be the best course of action…


Can’t wait to see the manifestos.

It be very interesting to see if JC goes with no tuition fees


I fail to see how 50 plus seats wouldn’t be very useful to the Labour Party, which was the point I was jokingly making. Obviously that wasn’t a serious attempt at me trying to get you to vote for Labour and bring the rest of Scotland along with you haha


Sensible move by Theresa May, especially as it will scupper whatever outcome the election fraud case against the Tories was going to bring. Great way to bury the fact they cheated in the last general, and prevent guilty MP’s from losing their seats.

I think Corbyn will surprise a lot of people, and do about as well as Miliband did, which, given the circumstances, would be a good show. Anyone voting Lib Dem simply because they dislike Brexit is a fuckwit. And there will be lots of them.


Regardless of the outcome, I hope that the civil society in this country remains strong. Some of my friends/family are a bit fed up since the referendum, but it’s important that we remain politically active.

I’ll vote for for either Labour or Lib Dem. That much I know, but it’ll make no difference.


What does your support for either party hinge on?


Do you think Blair is gonna take in this elections, maybe with a new pro-EU and centrist party?


Blairs a war criminal…


Sorry I can’t give you a proper reply right now that I feel you deserve. I’ll give you one when I’m not on phone etc!

In the meantime, here’s Deutsche Bank to offer a sober take on it. Them bloody Germans :wink:


Really? Must be a lot of MPs in real fear of losing their seats.

The Labour situation is really depressing. It’s some truth with a lot of media bollocks repeated so many times that people just absorb it. Phrases like “no opposition” just get repeated so many times that people just think hey, it must be true and then they start repeating it like they thought of it. Jeremy Corbyn is nowhere, you never hear from him so he must be hopeless despite it being the media who pick and choose when and where he is seen.

I wonder how much of the “disarray” in the Labour party is actually disarray in the Labour party and how much is people assuming there’s disarray in the Labour party.



Make no mistake, they are in disarray.
As much as I agree with a lot of what Corbyn stands for, I would imagine most floating voters would find him unelectable.
With Corbyn, May and Farron to choose from, as well as all the other nutters from the fringe party’s, this election is going to be a landslide for the Tories.

It looks as if May has learned from Trump, and knows the electorate will vote for them, no matter how bad they are, or what they say.


I’m looking forward to seeing all of the manifestos.


I genuinely think that Corbyn and some of his supporters are disillusioned enough to believe that they can turn it around.

Besides, Labour can’t really vote against it. It doesn’t say much if you vote against the general election and want the status quo to remain.


May clearly fancies this will be a landslide. I don’t think it will change the landscape that much. I think May will win, but with much the same majority they have now. Most of Labour’s remaining seats are safe seats. Corbyn might go as leader, but McDonell could easily command the same support from the membership and he’s a much more skilled high profile politician than Corbyn.


Well, I’ve just got home from doing some door to door for the Labour Party. Unsurprisingly, considering where I live, it’s a real mixed bag of views, but you’re right…I spoke to 3 people who said they couldn’t possibly vote Labour with Corbyn in charge, and when I replied, Oh I rather like him, they all responded, well so do I, but he cant win because he’s too weak. The truly odd thing, is that they would actually vote for someone they don’t like instead. Truly bizarre, but does show the power of parroted views in the media.


Yank jumping in here. Is it just me or the world having a race to the bottom? It’s like we’re trying to outdo each other’s stupidity.

Russia: "PUTIN, take that world!"
Italy: "Oh yeah? Have some Berlusconi!!"
USA: Ha! Amateurs!!!




This is an actual front page of a national newspaper :joy:


:expressionless: Cunts :expressionless: