UK General Election announced for 8th June


Had to request to join the group to find out whether it was a pisstake. It’s not :laughing:


Corbyn away


:xhaka: Surprise surprise! A right-wing newspaper playing dirty cards with Corbyn.


Labour are surging in the polls. Is it too late, or can the impossible happen…?


I don’t place alot of value in polls but sure I’d like to see a Labour victory. I’d say nothing is impossible tbh


May is all over the place atm, doesn’t exactly evoke strong and stable leadership!




Kudos to whoever made that


If there’s one thing the last 12 months have taught us around the World, is that anything really can happen, no matter how unlikely it first seems. A lot can happen over the next two weeks, it’s all about momemtum and perception.


Labour peaking at the right time perhaps.

Can someone explain what these outcomes represent? Isnt a conservative majority the same as a labour minority


That refers to Labour winning at the election but not having enough seats to form a majority and not forming a coalition with another party in order to have an overall majority, instead forming a minority government. That’s what Labour minority means there.

Minority government is a government in which the governing party has the most seats but still less than half the total amount of seats.


I’d love a labour and Lib Dem coalition.


Thanks Jakey.

Fancy a fiver on both Labour Minority and Majority


Lib Dems sound like they would go with the tories over Corbyn. I hope not though


And Green as well.


I don’t think so, not after the last coalition and the way the tories were towards them.


UKIP are not standing in a few key marginal seats. Expect the Conservatives to claim a lot of new seats because of the collapse of the UKIP vote. I really can’t see May failing to significantly increase the seats that they have despite a very rough week.



If Jeremy Corbyn’s team spend the next 2 weeks hammering Theresa May on police/army cuts, and replaying these videos ad nauseum, they quite possibly will do the impossible. Fuck not making the recent Manchester attack political, it already is.

Aw shucks, the fucker is swaying me to vote Labour now too.

Will obviously make sure on the ballot exactly why (it certainly won’t be because of Scottish Labour. Kezia Dugdale, Ian Murray, yous can suck a fat dick.)


Just wondering what you mean by this?