Tuchel or Wenger next season




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What possible benefit could there be to having Wenger for 2 years and then hoping someone better is available then? To make sure Ramsey commits long term? To make sure Giroud hits 100 goals?

Tuchel becoming our manager doesn’t mean that he has to be our manager for 8 years. We could just as easily get rid of him in 2 years time if he fails.

We need change. He might be the right fit but I’d rather take the chance than not.


David Moyes might have been the right fit for United too, and they took the chance. 4 years later and LVG and Mourinho still can’t right the sinking ship that was the transition Moyes managed.


Going to pick anyone over The King of Excuses aka Specialist in Failure any time. Yesterday’s comments infuriate me even more, about how WHU played in holiday mood already or how Chelsea were going to face a very different battle next year also having CL football in their calendar which was going to be a very different experience than what Real Madrid or Bayern Munich have because they can afford to put only 50% effort in a lot of their league games. Damn this guys sounds more and more like a Reddit member and not a football manager of one of the world’s biggest clubs.


I made this thread not because these are the only two definite options, far from, but to gauge how much people on this forum really want Wenger out. If you’re prepared for an underwhelming Tuchel to take over, then you really must have had enough of Wenger, ha.


Tuchel would make it more interesting in terms of tactics, you wouldn’t have a clue what we’re playing week to week.

But the defence would be just as bad if not worse, he hasn’t don’t much to convince me he’d be better than Wenger especially making a step up.


People are talking about like Tuchel like he is a totally known entity. We don’t really know how he’d do at Arsenal. For me he fits the profile of the type of manager we should be looking at…we need someone who can develop a youth project and have a vision. He is certainly less of a known entity than Allegri but considering our competition I am not sure Allegri would be enough to compete with Chelsea, City, United, Tottenham, and Liverpool. Our best bet is a somewhat more risky one like Tuchel or another up and coming manager, for me.


Yeah I’ll admit I’m know quite there yet.

Allegri, Simeone, Sampaoli, Jardim, Ancelotti, Emery, etc. etc. yes sure, great, get them in immediately at all costs.

Martinez, Tuchel, Benitez, Howe etc. not so much.


I proposed Emery last summer but after his season at PSG I’m not sure how you can put him in that category and Tuchel in the other.


He’s just not ready and what he’s done at Dortmund so far isn’t terrible but isn’t encouraging either.

He lacks the experience and nous at this stage, wouldn’t take the club forward as he is now.

Also I blame PSG players especially for the fiasco in the CL, it was damn near the bottle job of the decade. Monaco are deserving winners of Ligue 1 to be fair.


Well Emery still has 3 EL trophies and was doing as well as he could in La Liga with the Sevilla team he had.

Tuchel hasn’t really done anything. Emery has just had an off season against a ridiculously resurgent Monaco team.


Accidentally voted for Wenger :grimacing:

Tuchel is one of my top 3 Wenger replacements


Why do you rate Tuchel so highly ? Who are other 2 that you would have above him in an ideal world ?


Next thread: Howe or Wenger

Release date tbc

  • 15/16 Bundesliga season, pushing Pep’s Bayern all the way with a very good points tally. Would have probably won it in most seasons.
  • Style of football matters for me, and his is very good.

Sarri and Allegri are my two others.


I’m not necessarily convinced by Tuchel, but you have to feel like he’s managing a club that have been making constant changes over the last few seasons and are relying heavily on a combination of new players and young player as well as a few older heads who probably have regressed a bit over the years. Not to mention someone like Reus, who is undoubtedly a top talent, has suffered so badly from injuries he’s almost a non entity these days.

When you take all that into account he hasn’t done the worst job in the world over at Dortmund.