Top 20 footballers in the world right now


De Bruyne
Sergio Ramos
Diego Costa

Top 20 is quite difficult. When you get to about 15 you can think of about 20 other players that could be in there too.


Top 20 is a lot, really tough to choose.

  1. Messi

  2. Neymar

  3. Suarez

  4. Modric

  5. Kroos

  6. Alexis

  7. Robben (no one has him? :astonished:)

  8. Higuaín

  9. Bale

  10. Iniesta

  11. Busquets

  12. Hazard

  13. Ozil

  14. Thiago

  15. De Bruyne

  16. Di Maria

  17. Ronaldo

  18. Griezmann

  19. Koke

  20. Dybala

Gets really hard at about 10.


Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez
Cristiano Ronaldo
Luka Modric
Gareth Bale
Andres Iniesta
Alexis Sanchez
Toni Kroos
Gonzalo Higuain
Gianluigi Buffon
Antoine Griezmann
Paul Pogba
Eden Hazard
Mesut Ozil
Leonardo Bonucci
Marco Verratti
Paulo Dybala
Diego Costa
N’golo Kante

Not sure how accurate my list is in terms of placing but Messi is undoubtedly number one. But despite CR7’s obvious decline as a football player he’ll likely still score 40 goals this season and that is simply more than most players will score in two seasons. If any player had 12 in 14 in the league this season (after scoring 40+ last season) despite being injured at the start of the season they’d be making plenty of people’s lists. Can’t stand him but he’s a goalscorer and that seems to be the flavour when picking lists.


We’ll see about 40 goals this season. He has 12 in La Liga and 2 in the CL, that’s a lot of goals still to be scored. As for 12 in 14, there are at least 10 guys in Europe right now who have those numbers, and they’re not taking 6 shots per game. It’s obvious people rate him not as high as they used to, but there are still some who put him in the top 5, which I think is ridiculous at this point.


Is it really that ridiculous? Last year the guy dragged Portugal to a Euro final, won the Champions League and just last month won the Ballon d’Or. He might not be as good as he used to be but he’d still walk into any team in the world!


Agree with a bit of that post but he had pretty much fuck all to do with Portugal winning the Euro.


3 goals and 3 assists says otherwise. Not to mention the influence he had on his team mates in other ways, such as when he gave a pep talk to one of the players who was nervous about taking a penalty in the QF. That team is average without him.

He may not have started the tournament well, but to say he had fuck all to do with it is just not true.


Ronaldo gets a lot of unjust hate tbh. His impact on that Portugal team is huge, whether he is onfield or on the sidelines.

Take a holistic view of what he offers and it’s absurd not to include him in a top 20 list.


Bound to happen I suppose when he undeservedly won world footballer of the year in 2016.


That team is average with him. Fernando Santos proved once again ‘pragmatic’ football wins.


No particular order but Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Alexis, Griezmann, Ozil, Lewandowski, Costa, Aguero, Hazard, Dybala, Pogba, Ramos, Bale, Neuer, Benzema, Koscielny, Buffon, Muller.


Alright. My point still stands though. He makes that team better than they are. Leader and God to Portugal on and off the pitch. Anyone who thinks Portugal would have got to that final without him is a little deluded in my opinion.


Oh, ok. In that case, he’s #1, of course.


Yeah look no doubt he contributed I was over the top earlier. I’m still annoyed he won world footballer of the year for 2016 when he didn’t deserve it though.


Ronaldo is one of the greatest he’s clearly top 5.


I didn’t say he was number 1. I don’t think he is. But top 5, for sure.


Nobody is claiming that either. But watching those games it wasn’t like: wow, what is Ronaldo playing greatly this tournament. Their defense stood out imo.


Yeah I agree. I was more responding to the comment that he had fuck all to do with Portugal getting to the final. I never said the Euros was his greatest moment of the season. But he was an influential figure in it and it’s one of a few reasons as to why he had a good year and why it’s not ridiculous for him to be in people’s top 5.


Why don’t you come up with an actual point as to why? Something that relates to football and not “God of Portugal off the pitch”. Plenty of players score more goals this season, and that is leaving out midfielders, defenders and GKs.


But no one as mediocre has the role of offensive protagonist/shot monster in the biggest club in the world, scores as much from penalties, etc. as him.

Ronaldo, as I’ve always said, is a very unique case, and you have to look at it that way, instead of just rolling off sheer goal numbers which don’t look as impressive when you break them down a bit more.