Top 20 footballers in the world right now


Yeah, he has been off form, it’s true, but it’s logical he’ll recover his level, and it’s also undoubtable he’s a bit hurt by playing under the seemingly non-existent midfield logic of Zidane. Didn’t even notice Iniesta wasn’t there!

  1. Gary Medel
  2. Gabriel Jesus
  3. Juan Jesus
  4. Francis Coquelin
  5. N’golo Kanté
  6. David Luiz
  7. Radja Nainggolan
  8. Wojciech Szczesny
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo
  10. Casemiro
  11. Serge Aurier
  12. Jonny Evans
  13. Marouane Fellaini
  14. Jesus Navas
  15. Danny Rose
  16. Daniel Drinkwater
  17. Phil Jones
  18. Nigel de Jong
  19. Andy Carroll
  20. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Edit: Had to make some changes, this is hard




Fuck, I forgot Casemiro. :angry:



If you’re going to make a list like that, three rules:

  1. Must include Gary Cahill
  2. Must include Casemiro
  3. Must include Andy Carroll

You’ve only complied with rules 1 & 2. Muy mal, mein freund.




Much better.


Has scored more goals this season and is much better when he’s not scoring goals?


I’m a bit confused, it would seem pretty obvious. He’s a top CF…Ronaldo isn’t even a decent CF, and between a decent 7 for a top club who is not sure if he can accept being a decent 7 through whose incredible self-delusion and arrogance he’s available to convince is a top 7 but still probably leaves too much gap between reality and resulting self-deception to convince himself he’s the best 7 in the world he needs to be to satisfy his ego who thusly is sometimes a mediocre centre forward, I’ll take the top CF.

Simples, no?


Gotta say, my explanation is slighty more on point than yours.


Well, I just don’t think Gary Cahill - unlike Casemiro and Andy Carroll - is a top 20 player. I already changed my list because of pressure from one Spanish speaking Cnut, I’m not going to do it again. :bellerin:


Not one single keeper on this list??? Hmm~~~
Probably no big name keeper is in-from RIGHT NOW


I’d have have the big Bayern keeper in the top 20 players in the world personally.


Ask any united fan this question and Pogba makes the list I’d bet. :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t think i watch enough football to have a proper top twenty at this stage.


You can copy mine. It’s very good.


I may consider the keeper from Hoffenheim … they still haven’t lost a game in the league.
Also Courtois gets my consideration.


Yea it’s good if you like excluding Peter Crouch for no good reason.


Well it’s already pretty biased because of my love for English players and so I had to make a decision between Carroll and Crouchy and I think Andy’s just more on fire at the moment.


I think it’s something to do with football being genuinely boring as fuck right now.