Thomas Lemar


Don’t think this is happening. Monaco seem to really want to hold onto him and I doubt we’re offering in the region of 80m.


Can’t they just play on the opposite side of each other or am I missing something?


Oh my bad for some reason I thought lemar was left footed.


What do you mean again? :wink:


Even on the ridiculous off chance that this were to happen, it won’t be until we get rid of several players.


He is


I think it’s quite obvious one of those two guys is gone. It wouldn’t be Wenger-like otherwise to go full out for Lemar/Mahrez.


I agree.
The fact that Wenger is being unusually pro active, means it’s fair to assume he doesn’t think Sanchez will be here next season.
But if he does persuade Sanchez to stay, I can’t see either Lemar or Sanchez coming here as well.


It only strengthens our position re:Alexis. Orno mentioned recently that we have given Alexis a ‘big offer’ which means that will be our final stance on attaining him for a few more years. In the mean time, signing a talent like Lemar for around £50M is sensible business with the ball firmly in Alexis’ side of the court.

I think if we’re all honest enough to realise that Arsenal aren’t top top tier compared to the likes of Barca or Real, we’ll likely lose some of our best players in time. I don’t think there is anyone attainable out there right now that can effectively replace Alexis from our point of view. Signing the likes of Lemar however is a great way of countering this though and I’d be very content if he was our replacement for Alexis.


I don’t think Wenger would be upset if he signed Lemar and also had to keep Alexis and Ozil. One good striker, two good wingers and a good number 10, it sounds like the team we’ve been moaning that we want for years now.

Young winger maybe capable of turning his hand to central midfield? My first instinct is Chamberlain replacement.

He could replace Perez too in the squad and spending 100m on 3 players sounds like a standard modern Arsenal transfer window, except we’d likely recoup 30-40m on Chamberlain / Perez too.


He had lost it in his coat :wink:


@InvincibleDB10 that’s true, he attracted a lot of press attention this year by his intentions to bring new players to Arsenal. He rejected Mahrez for his high price but raised bid up to 40 million!!! for Lemar, which will be good investment


Pretty sure we will offload more than just Chambo and Perez, although I am not convinced the Ox is leaving quite yet… if you look at 3 additions (Kola, Lemar, Laca) and departures of Gibbs, Perez, Chambo?, as well as at least one of the CB and CM, it is definitely not breaking the bank at all.


Even if you wanted to play with a left footed player on the right in the formation we’ve been playing it doesn’t really allow for two wide men now does it?


I don’t see what your point is exactly, but to get back to your first point it’s pretty safe to assume Sanchez is gone.


Shit doesn’t get real until you drop out of the top 4. Even Silent Stan can’t look past that one.


According to The Times an 40 million pound bid has been rejected. They reiterated Monaco wants 80 million.


If we don’t get Lemar, Sanchez can’t leave. I can see this one dragging on all summer. Lemar seems intent on playing for us so if he puts the pressure on I’m sure they’ll let him leave. Then City can have Sanchez. I’ve become resigned to losing him.


Are the times reliable? I feel like they are but just dont know.

If so, Lemar for 80 million, it’s Mahrez all the way.

It’s one thing to quibble over 10 million, another entirely to say 80 or nothing.


^I agree with this, Lemar from the start has been a guy I don’t really think we should be going for.