Thomas Lemar



Lemar is the dream signing. :heart_eyes:


Wenger splashing the cash. About time :wenger2:


Real Madrid may make a move for Monaco winger Thomas Lemar, says Don Balon.

The Frenchman is a Barcelona target, but Real may scupper their hopes of signing him.

Fuck off Real


Right about now it’s 50/50 … :smirk:


If we pulled this one off… oof we’d be in for a treat.


Madrid need to fuck off. Go for Hazard.


Thought of him as a Winger. Santi replacement would be a really interesting move for him though. He and Xhaka would tick virtually every box.


Can’t see it, Lemar is a top talent but not quite in the Madrid bracket, and he would stunt Asensio and Isco’s development/leave them less flexibility to bring in the inevitable gálactico signing of Mbappe/Hazard/etc.


I want this lad


Sell Walcott, Jenkinson and co to free up wages for this lad. £50m will do.




Hmmm, £40m is a solid offer, but they will definitely want that £50m/55m EU figure…

EDIT: there’s no way any more deals come in until we sell a fair few players.



I have drunk a lot of sangria, i just want signings. Any signings!


if I remember correctly we offered 35 million before and I said we should offer 40 and stop being so stingy, so fair player if we have offered that :slight_smile: hope they accept


If we get Lemar that’s bye bye sanchez for sure isn’t it? Lol Pep assembling the PL all stars, only way he knows how to win :joy:


could be replacing the ox or theo


If Alexis wants £400k a week and leaves; then we’d better sign Mbappe and Lemar…

EDIT: I do not want him to leave, nor do I believe those wage rumours are true.


Wenger has found his wallet again! Getting Lemar would probably mean no Mbappe though.


Would rather we signed Lemar anyway.