Thomas Lemar


It’s very reminiscent of the old "we’ll bring in players once we get past the CL qualifiers."
Wenger’s a snake-oil salesman, we all know that.

We were linked with Lucas Moura today, would you take him? We absolutely have to improve our central midfield and depth behind Ozil/Alexis.


Would literallly laugh if Monaco accept Barcelona’s opening bid for Lemar


Indeed, can’t say I believe the tripe he peddles any more.

I’d take Moura for sure, very good player and would be an upgrade on pretty much all our wide options not like that’s saying much though mind.

Yeah the central midfield and depth for those two is the biggest concern and really should have been an area that was overhauled during the summer but alas season is right around the corner yet again and we’re supposedly still in the market with a bucket load of undesirables that we can’t seem to shake.


Barca are in for him and got cash to burn. Time to move on.


Depends what Lemar wants to do…

He is young, he may value playing time over benchwarming at Barcelona.


He’d be an obvious Neymar replacement and a guaranteed starter at a big club who have an actual chance of winning the CL and their domestic league. Not a hard choice at all. Time to move on.


You heard the man.

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Knowing Wenger, they would be 2 cheap options.


Ornstein on BBC5 Live last night said that our interest in Lemar is still there, deal not impossible but ‘very unlikely now’ [1/1]

Ornstein said Monaco are determined not to sell Lemar and only a ridiculous sum may prize him away [2/2]

Also he mentioned the obvious that we need to shift some players out to free up non HG spots plus wages [3/3]


Offer them 80 mil and Coquelin :wenger:


I think they’d rather just have the £80m!


Just kidding lady :hipster:


We’ll have a deal in place from January to bring him in next summer when Sanchez leaves. Quote this then.


Not a bad call that


Or he has an explosive season and jumps a level above Arsenal and we have to sit there and watch one of the big boys pick him up.


It’s back on!




Le10sport. :neutral_face:


This means when we don’t get him we don’t have to just say "we tried."
We can say “we really really tried.” :grin: