Thomas Lemar




^^^ are they somewhat reliable?


Tribal? Ummm, no.


Quite possibly the least reliable source of information to ever exist. In any capacity.


They’re like Tier 234 in terms of reliability (Ornstein is Tier 1 and is Tier 0 for comparison)


About as reliable as John Cross.


sorry if i came across as trollish or something asking that…literally have not heard of them before so was a genuine question. I guess me not hearing of them shouldda been a clue.


TribalFootball lol

Il wait for CrunchSports to confirm.


It’s definitely a done deal. The “agent” and the “mole” have also confirmed it :rofl:

Who are these people?!




FutbolAgent=Raiola? :xhaka:


Who cares!

Welcome Lemar!


How trustworthy is this source :henry2:


Believe when I see it - so many bullshitters out there !!


I think this is going to happen.
I’m not sure it’s the world class player we need but at least it looks as if it’s going to get done, and he can have some pre season training with us.


So, Alexis makes a statement saying he wants to play CL football and win it, and within 24 hours, the Lemar deal is rumoured to be done.


@Bl1nk mate why do you post such shit sources lol.

Also controversial statement but I’d rather Lemar than Alexis as he actually wants to play for us.


Time to move this thread @Bl1nk !


Ornstein said we are not gonna buy again if we don’t sell first, tbf.


Agree with @Calum, have this idea now that Sanchez might be quite disruptive throughout his last season, plus yet more months of will he / won’t he

Get Lemar in and get the Lemarcazette combo firing, with Ozil weighing in as well. A very good team still