Thomas Lemar


Ornstein in Sydney as well?




Of course, if we sold Sanchez we would have the money to make an offer they couldn’t refuse. Splash the cash for Lemar at this point.


My journo mate Simon Collings met him recently and apparently he genuinely was pretty confident of that. Also thought Sanchez off at end of his contract FWIW.


It would be interesting to see, Sanchez, Ozil, Lemar and Lacazette in the same attacking line up, but I’m not sure Wenger will let Sanchez walk away to Man City, Man U or Chelsea for free.
It will be Lemar, or Sanchez but not both.
We also need a replacement for Cazorla so the money from the sale of Sanchez could go towards that.


Pretty sure Lemar is the Cazorla replacement.


If Wilshere doesn’t leave we won’t sign another centre midfielder. We’ve got five players for those two positions.



A better source now.


I hope you’re right, then if Sanchez does leave then Mahrez might be his replacement.

Mahrez, Ozil, Lemar, with Lacazette upfront.

That’s the sort of shake up this club needs.
No more stagnating, just something different and exciting…

There’s no doubt we will miss the influence of Sanchez but if he doesn’t want to be here then a midfield of those three would be at least entertaining…


Wenger said we’re starting the season at least with 3-4-2-1 and you know the central 2 are going to be Xhaka and Ramsey, so how do Lemar, Ozil and Sanchez get into the same team?

I think Lemar is being signed with the near certainty of Sanchez’ departure in mind. My guess is that he made it clear to the Club fairly recently that he definitely wants to leave for Somewhere this summer and we’re stepping up the Lemar pursuit with some serious cash to back it up with


Or telling Alexis that he has to see out his contract with us whilst still signing Lemar and ‘bedding’ him in for the season before the inevitable Alexis departure.


It’s rumored that his father is adament on getting him to the World Cup. Doesn’t seem like the smartest move if we want to acquire him :wink:.


It’s never gonna happen but here’s hoping Ramsey who’s a ghost of him former self hands over that #8 shirt so Lemar can rock Iniesta’s (his idol) number just like he does for France.



Lemar might be Sanchez’s replacement but it’ll be a mistake if that is the thinking. We need both.

I didn’t see Pep worrying about how Bernardo Silva could get into the team what with Aguero, Jesus, Sane, KDB, the other Silva, and Sterling around. And they want to add Alexis on top of that!


Well. KDB and Silva are midfielders, Gabriel Jesus is their back up striker and Sterling is proper shite :wink:. Alexis is overkill, but apparantly they don’t care about that.

I do agree we need them both though. Only Lemar, Ozil with Iwobi and Walcott as back up is not enough.


You know we need David to give us some updates, right? :henry2:



The only thing I’m sure of is that I don’t want a Cazorla replacement. We need something different there.


Why? Being able to replicate what Santi was doing would be a Godsend especially if said player had more legs.