Thomas Lemar


It’s quite clear he doesn’t do anything to appease fans. So this ‘he’s only doing it to say he tried’ thing really needs to stop.

We should be encouraged that he is going for it.


Santi arrived here as winger/AM, as Lemar. Think Wenger sees him as Santi’s replacement.


But what is he going for?
This transfer window won’t be any different to all the others.
If we lose Sanchez and only gain Lacazette, which should have been done a couple of seasons ago, and a replacement for Sanchez, we are no better off than last season when we finished fifth.
Mbappe wasn’t a realistic transfer and Wenger has bought Lacazette so it won’t be happening anyway, and probably never was.[quote=“Cristo, post:219, topic:1579”]
I can only really see Lemar coming in to play out wide on the left, no way we sell Sanchez and buy Lemar and Mahrez.
I agree, but we need both because just replacing Sanchez and ignoring the Cazorla situation is going to mean we are worse off than last season.
For me, losing Sanchez and getting Lacazette, Lemar and Mahrez would be adequate but not a spectacular window.


Yep… atm at least as worried about Santi’s loss/decline as Sanchez departure, although both are terrible things for our prospects. Even if Sanchez stays, if we are pinning our hopes of titles on Ramsey, FFS fugetaboutit.



These reports that Wenger looks pretty desperate to sign him would indicate that the rumours that Sanchez is definitely going as soon as we find a replacement are probably true.


No, desperate would be over paying to get it done. Negotiating is normal.


Scores like a forward, creates like an attacking midfielder :slightly_smiling_face:

We can’t replace him one for one so Lacazette + Lemar would be the minimum needed, even then, two good players don’t make an elite.


John Cross, Mike Keegan & Mike McGrath.


99.9% sure this potential transfer depends on whether Sanchez stays or goes.


The positive here for me is that Wenger appears to be smitten. Where a transfer like Perez or even Welbeck might have been a “he’ll do” kind of deal, this seems more like a “this is my guy” kind of move.

Wenger’s never had trouble spotting a player, just spotting one he’ll pay the price for. Elneny may have been the finest £7m midfielder in Europe but if you’re happy to look in the £40m range and can identify a player that fits your template you’ll probably end up with someone better.

Maybe he has lost it, but I still have faith that he can spot the kind of attacking talent that he can use and improve. And signing players around 21/22 is probably more reliable than 17/18. Chamberlain and Ramsey for example don’t feel to me like the kind of players I expected when I first watched them.


All three are working for pretty shit news outlets though :neutral_face:.


Lacazette + Lemar + keeping Ozil more than balances the scales of losing Sanchez, staggered if anyone can’t see that. The guy wants to leave!

If we can elicit a deal from PSG or Inter and get him away from the Premier League then we’ve had a strong transfer window


Where they fit in, because they’re also shit.


Can’t argue with that at all.

I just really hope Sancgez doesnt wait till the last minute to leave, making it too late to secure Lemar.

Lemar would probably then go onto sign a new contract or some shit like that…


The issue is that we need to improve since we weren’t good enough last year and rivals will be improving. So we shouldn’t be looking to balance the scales.

Bringing in Lacazette plus a player like Lemar - without losing Sanchez - is what the club needs at a bare minimum to really compete with the likes of City and Chelsea next year. If we lose Sanchez, it should be balanced by another incoming attacker, ideally a goal scoring wide forward.


It would be interesting to compare some heat maps of Lemar v Sanchez. I have a feeling they’d be quite similar.


Ones a forward who spent this season deployed primarily as a central striker.

Ones a midfielder, who spent this season deployed primarily as a left mid. Hugely different players tbh.


Shit Mbappe.


Shit Mbappe + Arsene Wenger’s secret sauce = next Pires