Thomas Lemar


Some fake twitter profile has tweeted we’ve agreed a fee, £46m plus add ons

Also says mbappe will sign a new contract at Monaco but wenger will go even harder for him next summer

I like this guy


The impression I get from this thread lately is that noone is completely sure where Lemar plays and what his role would be if he joined.


Wenger hopes Mbappe will have a shit season so they can agree a lower fee :hipster:


Position of Sanchez if he joined. Seems clear to me tbh. I get the feeling Wenger is not going to break up Xhaka/Ramsey. The idea of Lemar being Cazorla’s replacement has been something brought up on these forums if I’m not mistaken.


Sanchez is a straight up forward whereas lemar seems a midfielder if he plays LW it would be a completely different style of LW.


So? With Lacazette our offense is going to be different anyway next season. We don’t have to replace Sanchez like for like. I don’t think that is possible anyway.


Lemar is a playmaking attacking midfielder. Like Mahrez, he would be a wide playmaker and another source of creativity, not a wide forward who would replace Alexis’ goal scoring. In the 4-2-3-1 he would be balanced by a wide forward like Alexis or Walcott on the other side. In 3-4-3 it is trickier - he could play behind the striker with Ozil but we’d only have one real goal scorer on the pitch. But he could also play as left wingback in certain matches and situations.

I could see Wenger molding him into the Cazorla deeper lying playmaker role but only over time.


He goes onto say that left of a midfield three is ‘arguably his best position’.


Yes, this is me exactly but it’s imperative that we sign him!!!


Hence there’s a lot of talk about where he will play. Because it is nothing like Sanchez position.


If you think to keep Alexis and Lacazette, good luck, but don’t cry when the chilean will leave…


I will cry when I want to god damn it.


With the probable departure of Sanchez and us having a lot of bodies in centre midfield, it seems quite evident where Lemar would end up should we be able to make the signing happen. Even if it’s not a like for like replacement.


[quote=“Kaner, post:201, topic:1579, full:true”]
Also says mbappe will sign a new contract at Monaco but wenger will go even harder for him next summer
[/quote]Wenger has a new tactic.
He is going after the same world class player next season as well, so he can say he “tried” for two transfer windows in a row :wink:


This does seem like the most likely scenario, which leaves us with a massive gulf of quality in the middle still imho. Between Sanchez departure and not replacing Santi, Laca is nowhere near enough… being 5th in our future again if we don’t add Lemar +1 at least.


I don’t disagree. But how likely would it be that Wenger is going to sacrifice the career of Ramsey?

Even if we add another player with Lemar, it’s still a real possibility we’re going to be 5th. Manchester United are not going to fuck about again…


The idea of Lemar as a CM is very intriguing if somewhat far fetched. It’s asking a lot of a 21 year old to come in and sort out our midfield woes. It might be possible with our back 3 but I’m just not as confident as some when it comes to the suggestion.


I think the Lemar transfer could happen but what I’m sure of is he a Sanchez or Cazorla replacement.
If it’s Cazorla I just hope Mahrez is the player to replace Sanchez.

It’s not exactly an upgrade but they are both younger than Sanchez and Cazorla and are very good players.
Saying that, an upgrade on those two would be almost impossible, certainly for a club like us.


If Lemar is brought in to be a CM and Sanchez leaves, who plays up front in Sanchezs’ position?

I can only really see Lemar coming in to play out wide on the left, no way we sell Sanchez and buy Lemar and Mahrez.