Thomas Lemar


Can’t help but agree. Sample size not big enough to justify the outlay, even then the sample alone with guaranteed replication isn’t worth it.

Besides it all feels like the whole Sterling Suarez thing. Mbappe, Silva etc will have contributed to his numbers, so his expectations should land somewhere inbetween this season and last, and not anything more at this stage.

You on the Mahrez hype at all?


But I realise there doesn’t seem to be many options so I’d be happy with Mahrez.


Why? Now that we actually have a CF who is quick/mobile/likes to penetrate and picks his spots in the box I think a second creative player with Ozil can do really well. When your striker is Giroud you obviously need the movement of a player like Sanchez.

45 million euros seems pretty conform with the market to me. Sane for example cost City ~55 million including add-ons. But Lemar obviously needs to prove himself, still.



We are ready to submit a new offer for Lemar, just a bit short of what Monaco are asking for him.


They’ll settle for less eventually, £/€10M around abouts to seal it. Trying to test the waters on this one.



So never, then :laughing:


They want 50 mil, right? Offer them 45 and get it done at 48 mil.


Many Arsenal fans talk about Lemar as Santi Cazorla long term replacement. I compared the stats and the result confirmed my doubts: he isn’t a playmaker, especially all-round as Cazorla.

Arsenal would buy him to build an offensive trio with Ozil & Lacazette, not to put him on midfield.


100% pass completion over 37 matches? I don’t think so


That is a stupid comparison - not only are the stats dubious with that pass completion, but they were playing in different roles when the stats were made.

The point people have is that he might be able to mould into a Cazorla replacement, not that he is there yet.


One is very much at the end of his career, one very much at the start.

Of course Santi will be the more accomplished player at this stage


Lemar isn’t coming here to be a midfielder, he’s coming here (if he is) to replace Alexis.

For the record Santi played as a central midfielder at Malaga and Villareal. Lemar played there at Cannes, didn’t do well and has played as a winger since. He’ll definitely play as a CAM or wide forward here.


Lamar is barely an advanced midfielder tbh. Not sure how he replaces Alexis


He will be into his position, the Alexis replacement has a name and a surname: Alexandre Lacazette.


Think Wenger would try to convert him like he did with Santi.


Really wish we would just turn our attention back to Mbappe tbh.


go to bed Maxi


That was never going to happen, although it would have been a great transfer.
Lacazette is our level.
Players like Mbappe aren’t tempted away from a club playing in the CL, to a club in the Europa League, especially when he could walk into almost any club in Europe

Lemar and Mahrez are a possibility, to replace Sanchez, if he leaves, and if Wenger decides to get a replacement for Cazorla.